Get The Best Home-Based Car Cleaning Tips For Showroom Quality Finish

May 9, 2020

Do you want to learn how to get showroom shine finishes on your car cleaning jobs? Then this new guide is going to help. Learn more with Avalon King today!

A leading Irving-based auto detailing specialist has launched a new guide to home-based car cleaning. By following the tips provided, you’ll be cleaning your cars like a pro!

The guide gives extensive insights into practical ways to clean and protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle, including many valuable tips on avoiding common mistakes.

The newly launched guide enables you to clean or restore your vehicle to produce a showroom-quality shine. Detailing also helps to protect paint and other car parts against exposure to UV rays and contaminants.

Avalon King takes you through techniques you can use at home to produce professional-level finishes. This is particularly useful during the current COVID-19 pandemic when trips to professional autodetailing establishments may not be possible.

The new guide also gives valuable practical advice on the best car-care products to buy, covering the exterior, interior and wheels. It explains in clear, easy-to-understand language why powerful car cleaners may not be the best for a particular paint finish, or why a multipurpose cleaner may not be the best choice either.

Advice includes using a two-bucket system, one with for cleaning shampoo and the other with clean water to rinse the mitt. The guide covers removing any streaks and watermarks after the job, and there are several tips to help maintain a mirror-polish showroom shine.

Readers will learn that interior car cleaning supplies like air fresheners, carpet extractors and glass cleaner should always be high quality. By making sure any interior cleaning products are alcohol free, car owners will obtain the best results.

The guide also lists the common mistakes car owners make in their car clean routine, such as using household detergents, cleaning at the wrong time, or using the wrong materials. It provides a useful link to enable car enthusiasts to buy recommended car care products at the best price.

Visit the company website at for all the details you need.

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