Programmatic Job Advertising Software: Promote Positions Across 100+Boards

Apr 11, 2023

JobAdX can help you target qualified talent when hiring for your next position using advanced programmatic advertising tools.

Programmatic Job Advertising Software: Promote Positions Across 100+Boards

As a small business, it may feel as though you and your team don't have the proper tools to compete with your larger competition. Hiring new talent in a market that favours broad-reach advertising can be challenging on a small budget, especially when priority on many boards is granted to those who pay more to promote there.

JobAdX has seen these challenges play out countless times in their years spent innovating in the field, and now they have come to the rescue. Their programmatic job advertising platform can help you break through the noise and target only the most qualified, interested candidates for your position, saving you money and time.

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You can now use JobAdX to promote your open positions across over 100 partner job boards, many geared toward specific industries.

Job advertising campaigns created using the platform can be automatically adjusted by the algorithmic software and manually tweaked based on the analytical tools the platform provides. JobAdX allows you to access job-level, centralized data regarding ad performance and specific CTR information per ad appearance. Using this data, employers can see at a glance which placements are performing better to concentrate their efforts further.

The JobAdX suite has two approaches to programmatic job advertising, each with its platform. Optimize provides several unique manual control tools with algorithmic assistance for specific, data-driven placement. However, for those who wish to take a more hands-off approach, the Exchange platform allows those algorithmic tools to adjust campaigns automatically, resulting in a greater reach with less specificity.

Both platforms have been designed to be as lightweight and straightforward as possible, prioritizing ease of use and accessibility.

Studies have shown that over 40% of ad spend may go to waste when promoting on a traditional ad exchange. JobAdX wants to help your business take that money back by only targeting interested talent.

Their company has helped many of America’s largest companies create programmatic advertising campaigns. With this expansion to their service, small businesses will possess the same calibre of promotional tools as their larger competition. The software has been developed by a small, passionate team of individuals eager to help their users overcome any challenge related to job advertising and promotion.

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