Preserve Your Challenge Coins In Style With Storage From Coins For Anything

Mar 13, 2020

Get wooden, metal, and plastic coin storage products to better manage your collection. Coins For Anything has unveiled its line of top desktop coin storage products for collectors.

Are you losing track of your precious challenge coins and looking for a way to store commemorative coins, lapel pins, and badges that are precious to you? Coins For Anything has a wide range of desktop coin holders that look elegant and preserve your collection.

The commemorative coin manufacturer based in Spotsylvania, VA showcased its top five desktop coin displays to better manage small and large collections of military and memorial coins. 

Challenge coins, medallions, and commemorative lapel pins are precious reminders of military or law enforcement service. They serve as reminders of personal accomplishment and achievement. Display your collection on one convenient, elegant, stylish, and durable storage rack.

Coins For Anything features its most popular coin display stands and cases including the affordable transparent plastic cases, durable metal stands, and warm classic wooden multi-coin stands. The store also showcased custom-made floating coin display cases and stadium or pyramid displays for larger coin collections.

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The store's most popular pyramid coin display case is crafted from high-quality oak and treated with varnish. The wooden pyramid display is a premium product from Coins For Anything that displays up to 50 coins. 

Coins For Anything specializes in coins, badges, and custom metal products for all branches of the military and law enforcement. The company produces display cases and units for coins, badges, and lapel pins of all sizes and is a preferred wholesaler and retailer of limited edition coins. 

Custom coins require a minimum of 50 pieces and require 12 to 19 days to manufacture and finish.

Coins For Anything is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of custom coins and coin storage products. The veteran-owned coin store was founded in August 2002 and has experience with spin-cast and die-cast custom 2D and 3D coins.

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