Custom Challenge Coin Launched To Thank Medical Professionals During Pandemic

May 8, 2020

Coins For Anything, a leading manufacturer of custom coins and badges based in Spotsylvania County, VA, has launched a new line of customizable medical coins to thank the medical professionals battling coronavirus.

Do you want to thank a medical professional or team? Have you got a custom idea in mind? This could be the service for you.

Coins For Anything, a leading Spotsylvania County, VA, based manufacturer of collectible custom challenge coins, has launched a new line of medical coins and custom options after increased interest due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The newly launched line of medical challenge coins and customizable options are being released in a bid to keep up with demand following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Many hospitals, medical facilities and military medical companies are requesting custom challenge coins as a morale boost for their employees. They are also a symbol of strength, support and a way to say ‘thank you’ during these difficult times.

Challenge coins can help a unit or team to bond with each other and can provide a sense of support. Custom medical challenge coins can also be used as a tangible reward incentive, bringing people together to inspire a sense of team spirit.

In addition, it can be a great way for organizations and companies to motivate staff and encourage them to be proud of what they are achieving, even though it may be a difficult experience to go through.

If you're wondering, the advantage of using a custom challenge coin manufacturer and designer such as Coins For Anything is the fact that the expert team can create designs out of anything - whether that’s a vague idea, a hand-drawn sketch or a digital image.

There is an experienced in-house graphics team that can help you to transform your vision into a reality. The process is simple yet effective. Step one is to submit a design idea to the expert team, who will turn the idea into full artwork.

The second step is to select a size for the custom coin and the third step is to choose any special finishes for the coin. These range from black nickel, shiny nickel, copper, antique gold and more. If 3D images are used within the design, the expert team recommend an antiqued finish to highlight the shading details.

Additional options for customization are available, from keychains and epoxy coatings to special cut edges, translucent enamel, bottle openers, boxes and much more.

A happy customer said: "We wanted to thank our team for all of their efforts over the last few months and to acknowledge the fact there will be difficult times ahead. We wanted to boost morale and create something that brought everyone together. We're united in our fight against coronvavirus, so a custom coin felt like an appropriate unifying token of appreciation."

If you are interested in finding out more about custom medical challenge coins, you are invited to visit the website provided above.

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