Pre-Qualification For ERTC: Get Small Business Claims Assistance From CPA Team

Jun 12, 2023

With this ERTC pre-qualification service, you stand the best chance of success with your Covid-19 relief funding claim. Get in touch today for expert help!

Are you still struggling with the impact of the pandemic? Did you know you could get financial support through the Employee Retention Tax Credits program? With the deadline approaching, now's a great time to learn more!

With ERTC Express, you can find out if you're eligible - and get assistance at every stage of your claim, so you stand the best chance of success!

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The consultancy employs a 'Power of Three' approach, where three different CPAs cross-check your application before submitting it, minimizing the risk of errors and making it more likely to be approved for maximum refund.

Many businesses remain unaware that they might qualify for ERTC refunds, missing out on substantial funding as a result and failing to capitalize on the program and its potential to alleviate financial burdens following the pandemic. ERTC Express has discovered that three-quarters of their clients were initially unaware of their eligibility.

To address the issue, the consultancy offers a pre-qualification process that allows you to apply for the ERTC with greater confidence. The team examines eligibility criteria for each client while providing comprehensive IRS-proof documentation to support your claim.

You can receive up to $26,000 per qualifying employee through the ERTC. You can use the money to cover payroll expenses, rent, or other critical costs brought along by the impact of shutdowns, supply disruptions, and other challenges stemming from the pandemic.

The ERTC is not a loan and does not require repayment, so you can access the funding without adding to your financial obligations. The tax credits can be retroactively claimed if you qualified in 2020 and 2021 and are now available even if you received PPP.

Because the process of applying for the rebate is complex, the consultancy advises you to work with a specialist in the field. ERTC Express has the technology and resources in place to assure accuracy and that you receive the maximum allowable amount.

A spokesperson states: "There is no cost to get started. Our team will hold your hand through the process of filling out your qualification form and be there if you ever need more information or have any questions."

Are you looking for professional help to make sure you secure a big check from the IRS? Get in touch today!

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