Calculate Maximum ERC Rebate: Free COVID Tax Refund Estimates & Fast Application

Jun 20, 2023

Have you gotten a refund from the IRS lately? If not – it’s probably because you forgot to claim ERTC rebates for your business, but don’t worry, it’s not too late. Check out this free refund calculator and eligibility check to start your claim.

Did you know that last Thursday was the official Opposite Day in the USA?

You won't find that on any calendar, but I'm assuming it must be true because the IRS sent me a check in the mail - and that never happens.

It was so confusing, I almost called them up to ask them what was happening, until I remembered that it was just my ERTC refund, from the Employee Retention Tax Credit program.

You remember the ERTC, right? It was launched around the same time as the Paycheck Protection Program or PPP, and then most business owners quickly forgot about it.

Well, it's time to recall that memory, because if you haven't made a claim yet, be prepared to be surprised. You could be eligible for up to $26,000 per employee.

Wow, right? Well, don't get too excited just yet, I did say "up to" - if you want a more precise estimate though, you can use the free calculator at

It's a free tool from ERTC Express that carries no obligation, requires no proprietary business information, and provides estimates in approximately four minutes or less.

If you haven't claimed a rebate, I can't stress enough how much you should go and take the eligibility test, and use the calculator, right now. I'll try though, let me explain.

With no upper limit on funding, some businesses have been able to claim more than $2 million! Before you get your hopes up too high, you should know that the average rebate for most small businesses is closer to $150,000, but who knows how much you could be eligible for? $150,000 is nothing to sneeze at, and if you don't want, I'd be happy to take it.

There are no tricks either, unlike the PPP, rebates claimed through ERTC Express are not a loan or deferral, never require repayment, and have no restrictions on how they can be spent.

There's a small fee if you get help completing the application - and you should, because it's complicated. Other than that, the money is all yours, with no strings attached.

Here's how it works, in just a few easy steps.

1. Use the calculator, which is also an eligibility check, to get your estimate.

2. Get assistance from ERTC Express to complete your application, and claim the maximum allowable amount.

3. Wait for a check in the mail from the IRS - then call me up when it arrives to celebrate.

Okay, I guess you don't have to do the last part, but you will want to celebrate. You'll see what I mean when you get your rebate - ERTC Express doesn't just calculate your maximum rebate using some software or foreign accounting firm. Instead, they have 3 local ERTC specialist CPAs calculate it, working independently, and then they compare notes to make sure you're getting every dollar you deserve.

It's just part of their commitment to helping your business recover from the recent troubles, but it's not even the best part.

The best part is that there's no risk, and no up-front fees, so nothing can stop you from applying. Even if your business is barely getting by, they can still help.

They won't charge you a single cent until after you've got your rebate from the IRS, so you don't have to worry about how to pay their fee. More importantly though - if for any reason you don't get a rebate, it's totally free.

I caught up to Sally Nash, a field agent for ERTC Express, and she explained, “We have discovered that there are many misconceptions surrounding the ERC program and many businesses who have been affected by Covid believe that they are not eligible when in fact they are. There are so many ways to qualify and I would encourage anybody unsure to go ahead and fill in a quick calculator to find out.”

It's a no-risk, all-reward proposition, and those are my favorite kind.

They don't come around every day though, so don't miss out - the deadline is approaching faster than you might think.

Get your free rebate estimate at - and don't forget who sent you there when your check arrives!

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