ERTC 2023 Refund Claims For Hotels: Eligibility Check & CPA Assistance

Jun 20, 2023

Was your hotel open during the pandemic, despite the lack of guests? Did you struggle to fill your rooms due to travel restrictions? If so, you should check if you’re business is owed employee retention credits with ERTC Express’s calculator.

If speaking of Covid-19 brings back haunting memories of empty hotel rooms and quiet corridors, you’re probably one of the millions of hotel owners who lost revenue during the pandemic. It’s also possible that you’re one of the thousands of hotel owners who are yet to claim their owed employee retention tax credits.

Don’t let the ghosts of guests that could have been haunt your dreams and check if you’re owed up to $26,000 per staff member in employee retention credits with ERTC Express’s eligibility calculator.

The calculator provides you with a simple and fast way of checking if your hotel business meets the current criteria for claiming the pandemic relief funding.

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Alongside their calculator, ERTC Express’s team can also provide you with complete application support to help you claim the maximum amount of credits you are owed.

If you managed to keep your hotel open during the pandemic by implementing social distancing measures, you probably still suffered a drastic loss of revenue due to a decrease in the number of both business and leisure travelers. Furthermore, despite the government launching its employee retention tax credit program, you may be unsure if your business qualifies or how to apply. That’s why the team at ERTC Express provides dedicated eligibility checking services and application support so hotel owners like you can make a successful claim.

As the ERTC company explains, there have been several changes to the funding program, the most crucial of which was the amendment that allowed business owners that had claimed a past PPP loan to also apply for ERTC. Additionally, the firm highlights that, alongside revenue decline, hotel-specific factors such as capacity restrictions, supply chain disturbances, travel restrictions, and group gathering limitations are valid ERTC qualification criteria.

ERTC Express’s calculator offers an almost instant estimate for the amount of funding your business could receive based on your employee figures and revenue levels for 2020 and 2021. Additionally, the calculator requires no pre-payments, giving you a risk-free means of checking your eligibility status.

If your business is eligible, you can then work with the ERTC firm’s CPAs who can collate, update, and submit all the required documentation for making a successful claim. This support is also available as a conditional service, meaning you only pay a fee should you receive your owed funding.

ERTC Express field agent Sally Nash said, “We have discovered that there are many misconceptions surrounding the ERC program and many businesses who have been affected by Covid believe that they are not eligible when, in fact, they are! There are so many ways to qualify, and I would encourage anybody unsure to go ahead and fill in our quick calculator to find out.”

Get the financial support your hotel business is owned for with ERTC Express today!

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