Practical Spirituality Manifestation Guide For Teen Anxiety & Stress Relief

Dec 17, 2022

Struggling to manifest? Having difficulties meditating? Enroll in this structured manifestation guide, “Project Manage Your Manifestation Course” by Meditating Human today!

Practical Spirituality Manifestation Guide For Teen Anxiety & Stress Relief

Start 2023 right with a manifestation guide to build the life that you always wanted. Your outer reality is only a reflection of your past thoughts - so take the time now to create new, healthier mindsets.

Meditating Human offers the “Project Manage Your Manifestation Course” for teens looking to start their spiritual journeys.

The structured manifestation guide for teens teaches you how to connect to Source or Universal Energy so that you can manifest your dream life in months. The program is taught by practical spirituality teacher, Tiffany Antoine, who has purposely manifested a successful business and loving life for the last 20 years.

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Tiffany first created the “Project Manage Your Manifestation Course” to debunk misconceptions that meditations need to be done for hours on end each day. In fact, meaningful meditations can be done in only a few minutes - as long as you commit to taking the time to diligently calm your mind. In her course, she teaches you how to manifest whatever you want for only 10 to 20 minutes each day.

And isn’t that how manifestation should be? Manifestation is not hard. You should never feel like you are struggling to be “happy” or “spiritual” all the time. This simply isn’t true. True manifestation comes from being authentic to what you are feeling at that moment - and then letting it go so that you can embrace a higher vibration.

The program focuses on practical spirituality, a discipline that believes that daily actions become sacred when fueled by intention and passion. Those who practice practical spirituality are conscious about everything they do and attempt to fill their lives with more joy and gratitude.

Tiffany explains that daily meditations are the key to manifesting a good life because meditations help bring you to a higher vibration by allowing you to feel love and gratitude, which attracts other higher-vibrating things such as wealth and health. She says that meditation energetically aligns you with what you want.

The structured manifestation guide is recommended for teenagers who want to start their spiritual journeys. Teenagers are typically more open to Source, which allows them to receive faster and with fewer limitations.

Meditating Human also offers other spiritual teachings, such as a Success Subliminal, Being Motivated Guided Meditation, Abundance Guided Meditation, and Money Subliminal.

Tiffany writes, "I have simplified the manifestation process, so you master it in weeks, not years. My course was uniquely designed to help manifesters and spirituality seekers at all levels. My course makes the manifesting process less complicated, frustrating, and scary."

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