Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot For RV Vacations: Best Satellite Internet Alternative

Jul 12, 2023

Are you tired of stuttering satellite internet when traveling in your RV? Would you like a reliable, high-speed connection regardless of where you are? Then you need a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot device from Spacelink Installs LLC (844-WIFI-MAN).

Using satellite internet in your RV can often be as reliable as the weather, with full connections one minute, and dropping signals the next. That’s why Spacelink Installs LLC developed their Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot Wi-Fi, which provides you with a more reliable alternative to using satellite internet when traveling in rural areas this summer.

The company’s Wi-Fi hotspot devices have complete internet coverage across the United States without the need for crystal clear skies that are required for satellite internet access.

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Spacelink Installs LLC’s devices are also available in a range of data plans, so you can upgrade or downgrade the service at any time.

Traditionally, as an RV owner, you’ll have had to use satellite internet to get online when traveling due to the lack of coverage from mobile networks in more remote locations. However, satellite connections are often slow due to the distance it takes to transmit, which causes data latency and high ping rates, as well as requiring open skies to make a reliable connection. To solve these issues, Spacelink Installs LLC has brought together the best of both worlds with their Portable Wireless LTE Hotspots.

The company’s mobile hotspots are able to maintain connections anywhere in the United States, including in remote rural areas, forests, and canyons. This connectivity is possible through Spacelink Installs LLC’s partnership with Simo Connect whose patented SIM technology allows devices to connect to an area’s strongest signal from providers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

For you as an RV owner, the company’s portable devices allow you to remain connected throughout your travels, without needing to pay roaming charges, campground Wi-Fi fees, or struggle with intermittent satellite connections. Furthermore, as the company offers flexible data options from 25GB to 1000GB, you can adjust your plan so you only pay for data when you need it most.

Spacelink Installs LLC also has home internet routers using the same high-bandwidth connections service that can be linked to 32 devices for families with multiple laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, and phones. Additionally, both the hotspots and the home routers come pre-installed and ready to use, allowing you to connect your devices and get online as soon as they arrive.

A user of Spacelink Installs LLC’s hotspots said, “I got these when they first came out and they are definitely worth it. Even where it’s tough to get good internet signals, this device solves my problems.”

Make sure you’re always connected no matter where you park your RV with Spacelink Installs LLC’s portable hotspots today!

For more information, you can visit https://spacelinkinstalls.com/wifi/ or you can call (844-WIFI-MAN)

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