Birmingham, AL Smart Technology Provider Lists Homes Of The Future Essentials

Sep 20, 2023

What is home technology going to look like in the future? If you want to know, have a read of Sphere Audio Video’s (205-777-5626) new guide!

No one knows what the future holds, but it's safe to say that the technology in homes will be far more advanced and ergonomic. At least, that's what Sphere Audio Video believes!

The Birmingham, AL, company's new guide highlights some of the future-ready technologies that you can incorporate into your home to make it more efficient, smarter, and safer. The guide also looks at how automation and artificial intelligence will impact home design going forward.

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In its new guide, Sphere Audio Video discusses four essential elements that homes of the future will possess. The first element, smart home technology, is already being integrated into many homes. This is also the case for the second element, energy-efficient technology, which is not only being integrated but in some cases mandated. The third and fourth elements—robots and artificial intelligence solutions—are in nascent stages, however, Sphere Audio Video expects them to become far more prevalent as their abilities improve.

By incorporating these four essential elements into your home, Sphere Audio Video believes that you can design a much more personalized living situation. “By leveraging smart home technology and artificial intelligence solutions, it is now possible to create custom experiences that go beyond simple convenience,” said a spokesperson for the company.

In addition to the four elements Sphere Audio Video highlights in their guide, another future home trend that they talk about is biophilic design. Biophilic design is essentially the fusion of living things and structures in order to create aesthetically appealing spaces that are more holistic in their style and function. A good example of this would be a home that incorporates both plant life and cutting-edge technologies to create an eco-friendly but modern setting.

Sphere Audio Video is quick to note, however, that as home technologies change, things like architecture and building materials will have to change too. You will have to design and build a structure that can accommodate these technologies and the materials you use will have to align both ethically and aesthetically with them as well.

To do this, Sphere Audio Video recommends that you use TRUFIG products and services. TRUFIG employs flush-mounting techniques to seamlessly blend smart home devices into their surroundings, no matter their color, shape, or pattern.

“Homes of the future will be equipped with various technologies that will not only make life easier but also safer and more enjoyable,” said the spokesperson. “With an array of features and components available to customize your experience, you can create a space that is tailored uniquely to your needs. Home automation is a great way to get started on your journey toward creating a future-ready home.”

If you need assistance ushering your home into the future, Sphere Audio Video has plenty of solutions to help you out. Their technicians have a wealth of experience designing, installing, and upgrading a variety of different home entertainment, lighting, automation, and security systems.

About Sphere Audio Video

Sphere Audio Video has been providing custom audio-video, lighting, and security solutions to clients in Birmingham and the surrounding areas since 1996. Their experts design and install home theater set-ups, automation hubs, lighting controls, surveillance systems, and much more.

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