Poetry Party Favors Now Available As Photobooth Alternative In Orange County

Oct 7, 2022

Event planners in SoCal rejoice as popular poetry party favor collective Haikuists are now booking corporate and holiday events in Orange County.

Poetry Party Favors Now Available As Photobooth Alternative In Orange County

It’s official: photo booths are so last season. If you’re looking to add something truly special to your next party, do it with the "photo booth for the soul," the haiku poem, courtesy of Haikuists.

If you’re a party planner in the OC who is looking for a photo booth alternative, you can now offer the guests at your next events an utterly unique party favor, a printed haiku poem. Haikuists have become renowned across the US for their one-of-a-kind party mementos. They are proud to now be offering their services to clients in SoCal.

Go to https://haikuists.com to find out more.

The rollout of this poetic alternative to photo booths coincides with the intense saturation of photo booths in the Orange County events and party scene. According to Global Market Insights, the photo booth market is now worth over US$400 million globally and they have now become an almost ubiquitous feature at all weddings and corporate events. While Haikuists know that a photo booth is fun, they believe they’re also forgettable, especially when they now appear at almost every party. As such, whether you are organizing a corporate, holiday, or another event, they believe that their haiku bring unforgettable fun.

When Haikuists arrive at your party, they will come dressed to impress and with genuine vintage typewriters in tow. The poet duo offers your guests more than just a final poem but a full experience, adding to the atmosphere of events while creating both memories and mementos.

All of your guests will have the opportunity to talk to the Haikuists’ skilled poets, and to share an idea, a memory, a reflection on the event, or anything else that comes to mind. The poet will then turn this into a small work of poetic art, perfectly typed and printed for your guest to take home with them at the end of your event. Haikuists are a growing collective of acclaimed poets working on the East and West coast.

A recent review of their work from the New York Post said, “The poets - always dressed to impress in their three-piece hipster suits - set up their Royal typewriters at events, pecking out haikus on demand.” And another, for Cosmopolitan magazine, said, “In under a minute there’s an original haiku on an index card for the guest to take home, a poetic souvenir.” So, forget the photo booth and give a party favor that will really give guests something to talk about with the Haikuists.

Visit https://haikuists.com to see how a poetic souvenir can make your next event unforgettable.

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