Plasma, Matter & Consciousness: Science & Well-being Implications

Jun 17, 2024

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Glen Swartwout, Founder at Remedy Match said: "The benefit of learning about the intersection of plasma physics, condensed matter, and consciousness studies lies in gaining a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it. By exploring these fields, we may unlock new insights into the nature of consciousness, quantum phenomena, and spiritual experiences, potentially answering some of the biggest questions about existence and reality. Practically, this knowledge could lead to paradigm shifts in various fields. In healthcare, it could inspire new approaches to healing and well-being by integrating holistic practices with scientific understanding. Learning about these topics could broaden our understanding of the world around us and open up new possibilities for scientific discovery, spiritual growth, and personal development.."

Remedy Match's Founder goes on to say: "The aim of the new video is to explore the intersection of plasma physics, condensed matter, and consciousness studies, with a focus on understanding the universe's fundamental nature and its implications for science, spirituality, and health. It aims to bridge scientific inquiry with spiritual and philosophical concepts, suggesting that phenomena like plasma and condensed matter may hold the key to answering the biggest questions about consciousness, quantum effects, and spiritual experiences.

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Some of the topics that is being discussed in the video include:

The Plasmas Condensate Universe:

Plasma, with its double layers, contains rarefied layers where Bose Einstein Condensates (BECs) reside. BECs, akin to the immortal spirit body, challenge traditional detection methods and may serve as carriers of consciousness. BECs: Carriers of Consciousness and Trans-Dimensional Functions: BECs are associated with consciousness and can exhibit quantum effects like instantaneity and reverse time. This challenges conventional science and opens new avenues for understanding gravity and phenomena like levitation. Application in Biocommunication and Health Paradigm Shift: Plasma-based theories may lead to paradigm shifts in healthcare. Understanding the role of plasma, especially BECs, in healing could transform health approaches and collaborations in fields like the Electric Universe theory and consciousness studies.

David Hudson's Ormus and the Trans-Dimensional Function of Condensed Matter

Ormus, with a significant portion of its mass being non-local in space and time, suggests a trans-dimensional function. This challenges conventional understanding and could have applications in various fields. Trans-Dimensional Functions of Condensed Matter: Condensed matter in rarefied fractal layers exhibits trans-dimensional functions beyond superfluidity and superconductivity. These phenomena, including time transcendence, could revolutionize physics and consciousness studies.

Plasma in the Context of Religion and Cosmology: Bridging Science and Spirituality

Plasma's forms mirror the triadic nature of the Godhead in various cultures. This symbolic significance reflects spiritual concepts of divine presence and power. Bridging Science and Spirituality: The intersection of plasma physics with religious beliefs deepens the understanding of the universe's mysteries. This integration enriches both science and spirituality, fostering mutual respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives. Plasma's Symbolism and Mystical Interpretations: Plasma's symbolic significance in religious and mystical contexts leads to profound insights into the interconnectedness of physical and spiritual realms. Recognizing plasma's role as a scientific phenomenon and a symbol of divine presence deepens spiritual practices and appreciation for the cosmos.

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