How Carol Hemphill’s Life Changed Thanks to Remedy Match

Jun 24, 2024

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Dr. Glen Swartwout, Founder at Remedy Match said: "Carol's testimony is truly inspiring. After being on the remedies for just a month and 10 days, she no longer experiences congestion and rarely feels any sense of vertigo. She mentioned how she’s not clearing her throat all the time, which is great to hear. Additionally, she’s receiving compliments on her skin, with people saying, 'Wow, your skin looks really nice; you look like you can't be more than 60.' It’s wonderful to see such positive changes in her health and well-being.."

Remedy Match's Founder goes on to say: "The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to The objective of the video is to share Carol Hemphill's personal testimony about her positive experiences using Spike Shield and other remedies developed by Dr. Glen Swartwout. Carol discusses how these remedies helped alleviate her vertigo, congestion, and provided additional benefits such as improved skin appearance, enhanced sensory perception, and increased, stable energy levels. The video aims to highlight the effectiveness of these remedies, provide credibility through Carol's authentic and detailed account, and encourage others who may have similar health issues to consider these solutions. Additionally, the video serves to promote Dr. Swartwout's products and methods, emphasizing their potential benefits and holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Vertigo and Congestion Relief Using Spike Shield - Carol Hemphill discusses her experience with vertigo and upper head congestion, conditions she believes were caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. In her search for relief, she discovered a remedy called Spike Shield, formulated by Dr. Glen Swartwout. After using Spike Shield for a month or two, Carol noticed a significant improvement in her vertigo symptoms, though the congestion persisted initially. However, with continued use, she experienced a notable decrease in both vertigo and congestion symptoms, along with reduced soreness behind her ears.

Biofield Analysis and Remedies - Carol underwent a biofield analysis, which involved a voice-based diagnostic process conducted by Dr. Swartwout. Following this analysis, she started a regimen of specific remedies tailored to her needs. After a month and ten days on these remedies, she observed that her congestion had disappeared, her vertigo had subsided significantly, and she received compliments on her improved skin appearance. Carol also reported feeling a stable, constant energy that contributed to her overall sense of well-being. Positive Sensory and Energetic

Effects of Endocrine Restore - One particular remedy, Endocrine Restore, had a profound impact on Carol's senses and energy levels. She described her first dose of Endocrine Restore as transformative, enhancing her sensory perception to a vibrant, almost Technicolor-like state. She noticed heightened senses of smell, sight, and sound, experiencing the world around her more vividly. Additionally, she felt nourished and energized, as if the remedy provided sustenance, reducing her need to eat immediately. This overall enhancement in her sensory and energetic experience contributed to a more balanced and optimistic outlook on life.

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