Plan An Affordable & Responsible Solo Adventure With Grand Canyon Travel Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Looking for advice on sustainable, affordable, off-the-beaten-path tourism? In a brand new podcast, travel aficionado Patrika Alis shares stories of her personal adventures and her best tips for eco-friendly trips!

Plan An Affordable & Responsible Solo Adventure With Grand Canyon Travel Podcast

Life was meant for big adventures. Need helping planning yours?

Enter ‘Destination: Journey’, your new go-to podcast for travel inspiration!

In season 1, journey with Patrika Alis across the USA, European cities and beyond, and learn how you can use unconventional methods to make your own exploration more memorable, responsible and budget-friendly.

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With this new podcast, Patrika aims to inspire you to explore ‘off the beaten path’, while remaining conscious of sustainability and the welfare of local communities.

As highlighted by the UNWTO through their upcoming World ‘Rethinking Tourism’ Day, the recovery of the global travel industry from the Covid-19 pandemic presents a crucial opportunity to develop ‘green’ tourism. As this market rapidly gains traction, this is the ideal time to consider your own impact on the environment.

Having published travel content for 4 years and achieved certifications from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Patrika has a wealth of tips that will help you discover new places in creative, affordable and guilt-free ways!

The host also offers an insight into the experience of being a BIPOC woman travelling solo, providing guidance on how you can plan ahead to ensure your safety and comfort.

Aside from posting regularly for her 37,000 Instagram followers, Patrika is a keynote speaker and marketing professional, specializing in tourism, events and technology. She advocates travel as an opportunity for self-development and unique experiences, more than simply a means to reach another location.

Produced by Circle In Sphere Productions, ‘Destination: Journey’ is available across a number of podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or directly from the link below. The first episode follows Patrika to Southwest America, where she explores four states in four days on a journey to the Grand Canyon.

Introducing the podcast, Patrika commented, “Travel doesn’t have to be limited to luxury resorts and skyscraper hotels. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow and give. There are so many ways to see new places, and I’m excited to help more people see travel beyond the traditional methods.”

The world is your oyster. So where to next? Perhaps has the answer you need!

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