Plainsboro Childcare Center Offers Creative Early Education & Small Groups

Feb 4, 2024

Giving your child a strong foundation is one of the most significant things you can do for them. Make sure they have it, at RisingStars Childcare ((609) 785-5094), which offers personalized small-group childcare with creative early education in a homey environment for kids ages 0-5.

Did you know that positive early childhood experiences reduce the likelihood of adult health problems like cancer and coronary artery disease? There are immense emotional and mental health benefits as well.

RisingStars Childcare offers you just that: the center is built around the knowledge that holistic early childhood learning and care in a safe, nurturing environment is essential for children's health and development.

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Impact of Early Learning

Recent studies have revealed the favorable impact that quality early childhood education has on health outcomes, economic advancement, and incarceration rates later in children's lives.

During the first five years of a child's life, brain development occurs more rapidly than in any other period. Providing creative stimulation for children in this age range helps to lay a positive foundation for their behavior, learning, and emotional and mental health, RisingStars Childcare says.

RisingStars Childcare Gets It

Their holistic childcare program promotes the formation of small groups comprised of children aged between 0 and 5. RisingStars Childcare believes mixed age groups provide an opportunity for your child to learn from peers at different stages of their development. This will also have a positive effect on your child's social skills.

With RisingStars Childcare, your child will be cared for in the home of a registered New Jersey childcare provider. This homey environment is designed to create a strong sense of safety and comfort to encourage your child's learning and development path.

A major focus of RisingStars Childcare is to help children discover their natural talents and become confident in their learning abilities. RisingStars Childcare follows a creative curriculum that uses age-appropriate materials and toys to teach reading, writing, math, science, art, and crafting.

The program prioritizes hands-on activities that both develop your child's creativity and prepare them for school when the time comes.

For families who may struggle to afford the program, RisingStars Childcare recommends checking their eligibility for subsidies with the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency.

About RisingStars Childcare

Located in Plainsboro, New Jersey, RisingStars Childcare is dedicated to providing engaging, well-rounded care that incorporates early childhood education. The company participates in the Grow NJ Kids program, which is New Jersey's quality rating improvement system designed to raise and uphold standards for childcare and early learning across the state.

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