Plainsboro Early Learning Center With Small Groups & A Creative Curriculum

Apr 15, 2024

Give your child the best care possible with RisingStars Childcare in Plainsboro (609-785-5094) which uses a state-approved curriculum to stimulate creative thinking, cognitive ability, and healthy social-emotional behavior in a safe environment.

Of course, we all want to keep our children safe, but childcare that also prioritizes education, cognitive development, and social-emotional learning can make sure they thrive as well.

RisingStars Childcare offers a holistic, safe, and nurturing environment for infants through pre-K kids with a curriculum that stimulates creativity, intelligence, and healthy behavior. Want to learn more? Just go to

Small, Mixed-Age Groups

RisingStars Childcare offers families with infants up to pre-K-aged children a holistic childcare option that encourages kids to become confident learners. They use a creative curriculum designed to develop your child's creativity and nurture their strengths through stimulating hands-on activities.

At RisingStars Childcare, the small group sizes ensure that your child gets all the attention they need to develop and thrive in a calm, comfortable learning situation.

Cognitive Development

During the first five years of a child's life, the brain undergoes more expansive development than at any other stage. Quality early childhood education can help lay a strong foundation for children to develop healthy cognitive abilities, high emotional intelligence, and safe behavioral patterns as teens and adults.

RisingStars Childcare uses age-appropriate toys and materials to teach children a range of subjects, including language, math, science, and arts and crafts. When they're ready, children are also taught reading and writing skills to prepare them for attending school.

RisingStars Childcare also prioritizes cognition-developing activities such as visual puzzles, language games, object sorting and classification, and other creative problem-solving exercises.

Motor skills

Whether you have an infant, toddler, or young child, they'll be given regular exercises to help develop their fine motor skills, which promotes physical health and safety throughout their lives.

Social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning is a major part of the RisingStars Childcare curriculum as well. They strive to create a nurturing, home-like atmosphere where your child will feel safe and comfortable in their relationships with their caregivers and other kids.

Through visual art and other crafting activities, your child will have a healthy outlet for emotional and creative expression every day, to help them understand their feelings.

Want to learn more about RisingStars Childcare in Plainsboro and contact the team? Start the enrollment process today by visiting

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