Learn To Build Kindness & Confidence In Your Child With This New Parenting Book

Apr 30, 2024

Are you having your first child? Learn how to raise a kind, confident kid with the help of K.S. Benjamin’s new parenting book, now available on Amazon.

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The foundation you build for your child mentally and emotionally will affect them for the rest of their lives. If you're a new parent and feeling unprepared for the responsibilities ahead, Raising Kids With Heart: Building Kindness and Confidence in Kids is the perfect resource for you!

Self-published by debut author K.S. Benjamin via The Knob Advisory House Limited, this parenting book will give you all the practical tools and strategies you need to nurture an empathetic, emotionally intelligent child.

Grab your copy of “Raising Kids With Heart” here!

Raise kids with heart

As a parent, it's normal to want the best for your kids: good health, excellent grades, healthy friendships, a strong personality, confidence, a kind heart, and most importantly, happiness.

With valuable insight into parenthood, Raising Kids With Heart helps you bring the best out of your kids, providing actionable tips on how to enhance their lives.

According to a 2021 scholarly article on parenting featured in the National Library of Medicine, children need care that supports emotional and mental health and a positive sense of self and be taught how to cope with stressful situations, temper emotional arousal, overcome fears, and accept disappointments and frustrations.

Understanding the importance of developing confidence and emotional self-regulation in kids, K.S. Benjamin centers his book on psychological techniques that will be useful to you and your child in the long run.

Parenting manual for the modern age

Over the course of 150 pages, Raising Kids With Heart discusses how to build emotional intelligence, teach empathy and kindness, raise children in the digital age, overcome potential peer pressure and bullying, and more.

Beyond teaching your children certain values, the book encourages you to practice active listening, open and honest communication, and healthy conflict resolution. By modeling these behaviors, you are going to establish strong, loving, and enduring bonds with your kids.

“When you invest significant effort in fostering lifelong relationships with your children, they will overcome any challenges they may face and develop into the kind and confident individuals you dream of them to be,” explained the author.

Start them young

Raising Kids With Heart shows you the value of prioritizing authentic relationship-building over control when it comes to raising children.

As they get older and become more independent, they are more likely to embody the kindness, confidence, empathy, and other positive qualities you fill them with throughout their childhood.

“The world can be a scary and negative place, but we can add a little more light and happiness to it with our well-raised kids,” said K.S. Benjamin.

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