Plainsboro Family Friendly Childcare Center Offers STEM Activities For Toddlers!

Feb 21, 2024

If education is a high priority for you and your family, RisingStars Family Childcare (609-785-5094) offers flexible schedules and STEM activities for your infant, toddler, or preschooler.

You're passionate about education, and you've always known how important it is for your son or daughter to be engaged with active learning, even from Day One.

Since a good daycare is crucial for your family, register your little one today with RisingStars Family Childcare! Find more details at

The childcare center’s educational program includes a state-approved curriculum that emphasizes STEM activities and language development in young children.

Get High-Quality Education

With 2024/2025 registration now open, the daycare services at RisingStars Family Childcare are perfect if you prioritize high-quality education and also require flexible scheduling arrangements.

Recent studies published in BMJ Global Health show that early childhood development is fundamental for future well-being, health, and productivity, as it shapes biological and psychological structures during a critical stage of growth. At RisingStars Family Childcare, the primary focus is on your son or daughter's safety, security, education and creative learning.

“Our program is devoted exclusively to the needs and development of the younger child, covering care for children from birth through age five,” explains owner Mrs. Aparna. “Our mission at RisingStars is to help children discover their original talents and strengths and become confident learners for life.”

Enjoy Flexible Scheduling

With flexible part-time or full-time scheduling options to meet the needs of your busy family, the licensed childcare center aims to provide a nurturing, loving environment where your child will be encouraged to learn through active play and exploration. Groups are kept to small numbers, with mixed ages, so kids can learn from their peers.

Activities included in the state-approved Creative Curriculum at RisingStars include puzzles, counting games, vocabulary exercises, story-telling, measuring, and other experiences designed to stimulate your little one's intellectual development, critical thinking, and creativity.

Encourage Early Child Development

Physical activity also plays an important role at the center, as your child will be encouraged to engage in many different forms of play indoors and outdoors, including dancing, grounded balancing, tossing and throwing balls, hopping, jumping, and ring tossing.

Previous clients have positive reviews for RisingStars. “Mrs. Aparna is amazing,” says Amna Kazi. “She does a ton of activities with the kids every day and my toddler is always learning with her. It has been so easy to reach out and talk to her to about my child’s development and she has always offered great advice on all aspects of his growth. She genuinely cares for the kids and it shows!”

Your child is the most precious part of your life - make sure they get top-notch education and care. Register with RisingStars Family Childcare today!

Find out more and register at

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