Farmington, NM Low-Dose Ketamine Treatments For Depression Now Available!

May 21, 2024

If you’ve tried conventional medications for depression or PTSD and nothing has worked, Elevated Medicine (+1 970 749 4443) offers ketamine sessions for symptom relief, providing hope for those struggling with these conditions.

Living with treatment-resistant depression is tough for you and your loved ones. At Elevated Medicine, ketamine infusions offer a new source of hope for healing. Learn more at

Elevated Medicine’s ketamine infusion treatments are available to residents across Colorado and New Mexico, providing innovative solutions for mental health challenges

The team of physicians at Elevated Medicine is committed to making mental health and wellness as accessible as possible, with a range of payment plan options and practical suggestions for financial assistance.

Receive Holistic Care

A recent study published in The Lancet indicates that ketamine continues to show enormous promise for the treatment of many mental health challenges, including treatment-resistant depression, chronic anxiety, stress, and PTSD. At Elevated Medicine, the emphasis is on holistic wellness that addresses your mental, physical, and emotional well-being for health optimization.

“Our skilled team of physicians offers whole-person, compassionate care,” says a spokesperson. “We take an integrative approach to wellness, treating each patient as a unique individual with respect and compassion.”

Get Fast Relief

The center is led by a four-person team of medical professionals, including two ER physicians, a paramedic, and an ICU nurse. With years of experience witnessing a range of medical catastrophes and tragic events, the team is focused on prevention and sees ketamine infusions as an important tool.

According to the center, ketamine can be particularly effective in cases where other types of treatment for depression have not been successful. When administered under close medical supervision, ketamine infusions have the potential to offer fast, effective relief for your persistent mental health challenges.

Start To Heal

In alignment with the integrative health approach, the clinic staff recommends patients to add other evidence-based modalities, such as psychotherapy (talk therapy), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and lifestyle changes combined with their ketamine infusions service. Your treatment plan will be highly personalized, taking your unique needs, physiology, and psychology into account.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the center. “I experienced a powerful and insightful ketamine session with support from the team,” says John F. “The environment was relaxed and supportive. Caring energy from the team allowed me to let go for a deep healing session. I highly recommend Elevated Medicine for your health needs!”

Find further details and book a session at

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