Phoenix Diversity Job Board Helps Companies Attract Latinx Talent

Nov 20, 2023

WorkplaceDiversity (973-992-7311) in Phoenix is committed to helping employers attract talented Hispanic and Latinx candidates with their innovative diversity hiring job boards.

Although today in Phoenix there are more Hispanic Americans than ‘white’ Americans, Latinx professionals still face structural disadvantages finding jobs. If you’re an employer and you want to reverse that trend, WorkplaceDiversity is here to help.

The leading diversity solutions provider has a set of online job board services that are aimed at helping your company actively engage and hire talented Hispanic and Latinx professionals. As diversity and inclusion continue to be at the forefront of the modern workplace, their focused Latinx job board aligns with WorkplaceDiversity’s commitment to building stronger, more inclusive workforces. 

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WorkplaceDiversity has extended its reach to specifically cater to the needs of companies like yours, who are seeking to embrace the rich skill-set possessed by Hispanic and Latinx talent in the city, who, today, make up the largest ethnic group in Phoenix, representing 42.7% of the population. 

WorkplaceDiversity hopes that its service will help your organization enjoy the benefits and opportunities created by a diverse workforce. 

As a job board focused on diversity, WorkplaceDiversity will first give you access to an extensive network of Hispanic and Latinx candidates by posting your position on their dedicated diversity job sites. Through these platforms, you will gain access to the profiles of Hispanic and Latinx candidates who possess a wide range of skills and experiences and will be able to tap into a rich source of new talent.

WorkplaceDiversity is also staffed by a team of experts who are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and preferences of Hispanic and Latinx professionals. This means they can help your company ensure that your recruitment process is culturally sensitive and respectful and that all the ads you post on WorkplaceDiversity’s job boards are likely to attract the talent you are seeking.

WorkplaceDiversity also offer transparent market pricing and have in-built features like starred job posts and highlighted company profiles, which will ensure that you broaden your reach when searching for new talent.

WorkplaceDiversity is dedicated to fostering inclusivity, equality, and diversity in the workforce. The Phoenix office is excited to collaborate with your business and to help you diversify your team, increase innovation, and better serve the diverse customer base of the city.

A spokesperson for the diversity job board said, “Reach out to our sales team to learn more about who we are and how we can help you towards your diversity goals. We offer annual subscriptions, custom packages and industry pricing.”

Open up new opportunities for your business with WorkplaceDiversity!

Visit to see how you can attract experienced and talented Latinx professionals to your workplace.

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