Houston Diversity Job Board Helps Companies Flourish With Top DE&I Talent

Mar 7, 2024

WorkplaceDiversity is excited to be saying hello to Houston. The fast-growing diversity recruitment specialists have arrived in Texas and are changing the way companies like yours connect with diverse talent.

If you want your company to flourish, you need to hire the right team, and in 2024, that means an inclusive and diverse team that really represents the face of Houston today. Thankfully, WorkplaceDiversity is here to help you do diversity hiring right with their popular diversity job board recruitment service.

Start recruiting smarter at https://www.workplacediversity.com/jobs?geo_location=Houston%2C+TX&radius=40&lat=&lon=&country=&administrative_area_level_1=&locationType= 

Why Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Matter

The specialized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) online recruiters believe that diversity hiring is one of the most meaningful ways in which your business can:

  • showcase your corporate values,
  • connect with your client or customer base,
  • embrace innovation
  • and unlock new opportunities.

If you want to attract the city’s top talent, they are here to help you. 

Helping Houston Embrace Diversity

As a specialist diversity recruiter, WorkplaceDiversity can also help your company to actively canvas for DE&I hires, including Latinx individuals. With the latest census reflecting that the largest racial and ethnic group in Houston is Hispanic people, at 44.8% of the population, the diversity recruiters believe it is imperative for your company to connect with the Latinx community and ensure your workforce truly represents the makeup of the city. 

A spokesperson for WorkplaceDiversity stated that, today, attracting top Latinx talent is a key way for your company to flourish and to establish your reputation as a place that everyone in the Houston community would like to work for. 

You can find more insights on the benefits of smart diversity hiring at https://workplacediversity.com/ 

The US’ Leading Diversity Job Boards

In order to help your company achieve this aim, WorkplaceDiversity can advertise your available job openings on their popular diversity-focused job boards.

Following the recent opening of their Houston office, hundreds of companies have already taken up the opportunity to post on their flagship site as well as their targeted job listing sites like HispanicDiversity.com and LatinXJobs.com

A Cost-Effective & Efficient Way To Hire

The recruiters offer transparent pricing and customizable packages, with more expensive packages allowing you to have your active roles and company profile highlighted on the main page of both their flagship site and their targeted job forums. 

Their spokesperson said, “We offer annual sponsorships, custom packages and industry pricing. Reach out to our sales team to learn more about who we are and how we can help you towards your diversity recruiting goals.” 

Are You A Truly Equal Opportunity Employer?

WorkplaceDiversity is eager to collaborate with you if your company is an equal opportunity employer who wants to recruit amongst candidates of:

  • all ages,
  • all racial, economic, social and cultural backgrounds,
  • all sexual orientations and gender expressions,
  • all ability levels,
  • and all veteran statuses.

Visit https://workplacediversity.com/contact-us if you want to attract Houston’s top talent and become a DE&I leader.

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