Personalized Haiku At LA Events: Coolest Party Favor & Photo Booth Alternative

Sep 17, 2022

Haikuists have expanded city-by-city across the country, and are now offering their unique and unforgettable poetry at parties services for hire in the Los Angeles area.

Personalized Haiku At LA Events: Coolest Party Favor & Photo Booth Alternative

Haikuists are now offering party planners in LA the opportunity to give out utterly unique party favors in the form of personalized haikus for each guest. Dubbed as a photo booth for the soul, Haikuists will bring a playful literary touch to any party and give guests a memento they will remember forever.

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In the wake of a string of positive press for their work at events in New York, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Boston, from organizations like The New York Post, Wanderlust, and Cosmopolitan magazine, the Haikuists are proud to announce their arrival to Los Angeles.

In a city where the parties always have to be bigger and better, their innovative haiku service ensures guests will remember the event long after it's over.

When the Haikuists arrive at an event, they will come donned in retro three-piece suits and party ensembles that channel the Jazz Age cool of writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald or the French flair of a Simone de Beauvoir.

Throughout the event, guests will have the opportunity to tell the poets whatever they want and the poets will then turn this thought, idea, memory, or prompt into a personalized haiku, which they type up on their antique typewriters. Guests are then able to take this printed haiku home with them.

Whatever somebody might be planning, whether a wedding, private party, holiday event, or corporate gathering, Haikuists are confident that they can bring some old-world, analog charm and a lot of laughter with personalized poetry.

Haikuists is a growing collective of acclaimed poets and writers who believe in the power of the written word to make and share memories. They have worked at events for well-known companies like Bloomberg, Google, Airbnb, and IBM, as well as at hundreds of private weddings and parties.

A spokesperson for the fitness service said, “We discovered that writing free haiku for people brings them joy. Turns out, most folks are generally willing to share a small fact about themselves and wait 30-90 seconds for a complete stranger to capture the moment with a haiku. Upon receipt, they laugh, cry, hug us, tell their friends to come over, tattoo their haiku on their bodies (yes, we have like six so far), frame it, put it on their wall/mirror/fridge/bedstand, and the list goes on.”

Haikuists have brought their distinct brand of poetic cool to LA and are now accepting booking inquiries. Check out their website for more info.

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