Permanent Asphalt Repair In Nashville: Schedule Hot Mix Patching Services Now

Mar 4, 2024

Springtime is finally here – the perfect time to address those parking lot potholes that have cropped up over the winter. Call Nashville’s own Gaddes Strategic at +1-615-866-2795 for hot asphalt patching repair services!

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Sometimes potholes need more than a quick patch - sometimes the situation calls for true specialist repairs. Gaddes Strategic delivers such expertise in Nashville, applying hot asphalt mix that does the job right. If your local parking lot is a bumpy ride, this team is here to help.

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It’s been a long Tennessee winter, with low temperatures making a negative impact on local lots and roads alike. Gaddes Strategic points to its hot asphalt patching work as a permanent restorative solution - fixing and improving the longevity of damaged surfaces going forward.

Its options also incorporate trench repairs where you need them - perhaps at your new home build site after recent plumbing work. As such, Gaddes Strategic looks to address a widespread need for commercial and community asphalt paving or repaving services.

Winter’s War on Roads!

If you’ve seen damaged asphalt surfaces across the city lately, it’s no wonder. These Nashville contractors assert that the cold weather can be blamed on parking lot disrepair in many cases.

As explained by Gaddes Strategic: “A parking lot has many enemies, such as freezing temperatures and the constant appearance of potholes. These winter conditions can be tough on asphalt roads, subdivisions, and parking lots, and you may begin to uncover cracks, crevices, and potholes a quick patch can’t fix.” 

In response, the company cites the longstanding results that can be achieved via asphalt patching projects. You’ll find its hot mix to be a high-strength material with added weather resistance and flexibility, bolstering surfaces against wind, rain, snow, and other seasonal challenges.

The team’s asphalt patching options are applicable at sites where damaged surfaces represent a health hazard for occupants, visitors, staff, and others. Whether you need asphalt repair work done at apartment complexes, hospitals, office buildings, or shopping malls, its services are available for you.

Gaddes Strategic continues to support Davidson County communities, completing restoration and installation projects while improving access to durable asphalt surfaces. Visit for more info!

The company adds: “In a well-maintained neighborhood, the homeowner’s association often requires local businesses to maintain their parking lots in excellent condition - including well-thought-out building design. Business owners should seek the expertise of a reliable contractor to help them navigate the complex process - including abiding by local regulations and estimating costs.”

It’s time to seek out a strategic approach to asphalt surface repairs!

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