Nashville Parking Lot Paving & Repair: Advice For Asphalt Patching & Resurfacing

Apr 18, 2024

With Gaddes Strategic (+1-615-866-2795) all your commercial parking lot paving needs are covered, and with this guide the team helps you keep your surface in the best condition!

If you've just had your parking lot paved or resurfaced, props to you, because it's a key part of making your space look great for customers. But don't rest just yet – read this guide from the experts at Gaddes Strategic to make sure you keep the new surface in the best shape!

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Keep your parking lot in tip-top condition

The guide explains that in order to maintain longevity and ensure that any parking lot remains effective and safe, it's important to conduct regular sweeping - while sealcoating every two years can help to maintain a smooth, like-new appearance.

According to data from Grounds Control USA, around 20% of all car accidents in the United States occur in parking lots. While these incidents are not necessarily the fault of the property owner, maintaining a safe and well-maintained surface is a big concern, and Gaddes Strategic's guide addresses this issue - providing practical advice and insights for businesses across sectors.

Check your surface regularly

Gaddes Strategic emphasizes the importance of conducting regular inspections immediately after paving and striping, and creating a schedule that's easy to stick to - because making a habit of checking the surface is the best way to ensure surface damage or water pooling never gets overlooked.

Accumulated water can weaken the pavement over time, leading to cracks and potholes, which is why you're advised to verify that the grading of your parking lot allows water to flow away from the asphalt surface effectively.

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These extras can make all the difference

Crack repair, stain removal, and the benefits of sealcoating and resurfacing are also covered in detail. The company notes that taking a proactive approach to these is one of the most effective ways to extend the lifespan of a parking lot, and the team offers prompt assistance for all of these services.

A company representative for Gaddes states: "Paving is only the first step toward providing your business with a welcoming and functional asphalt parking lot. After the initial job, you need to conduct regular inspections - because these allow you to spot concerns before they worsen. While your new pavement doesn’t need immediate maintenance, early inspections can mitigate potential issues in the bud."

Are you looking for advice from the experts to help you maintain your parking lot in the most effective way? Or maybe you need emergency repair work carried out?

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