How Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device Improves Heart Rate Variability, Fast

Apr 30, 2024

Is your busy, stressful life taking a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health? Lower your stress and anxiety by boosting your heart rate variability (HRV) quickly and easily with the #1 biohacking vagus nerve stimulation device from Pulsetto!

High HRV comes with all kinds of health benefits: lower anxiety, better sleep quality, less risk of heart disease, and greater resilience to stress! Want a higher HRV fast, without much effort?

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The Best HRV Biohack

Pulsetto strives to provide an effective, non-invasive method for biohacking the automatic nervous system and combating stress - a leading cause of unhealthy heart rate variability (HRV). Stress triggers the sympathetic nervous system to speed up the heartbeat, thereby lowering HRV.

Just wear Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device around the back of your neck and it will send gentle electrical pulses into your vagus nerve, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the "fight or flight" mode.

This allows the parasympathetic nervous system to lower your heart rate, thus increasing your HRV.

The Importance Of HRV

As explained by an article from the Cleveland Clinic, studies have revealed that individuals with high HRVs have greater resilience to stress and experience more consistent happiness.

High HRV is also directly linked to a lowered risk of heart disease and dangerous cardiac events. By continuously working to lower your heart rate, Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device helps to train your body to maintain a higher HRV throughout the day and night.

Expert Design For Expert Results

Leading sleep and neuromodulation experts designed Pulsetto to mitigate stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality without the need for pharmaceutical medications, which can cause adverse side effects and dependency.

With your Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device, you'll also get access to the company's app which contains expert-designed settings for reducing anxiety and stress and improving sleep.

Right now, you will also get a free month-long trial of the app's premium level, which includes custom stimulations and 15 guided meditations for maximum relaxation.

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