Pass-Thru Windows Turn Your Texas Dining Room Into A Indoor-Outdoor Haven

Jul 16, 2023

Get the ultimate Texas home upgrade with a flip-out pass-thru window from OpenUp Windows. Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces to complete your dream home with this incredible home focal point.

Everything's bigger in Texas, so why not maximize the size of your dining room by creating a seamless, indoor-outdoor connection with your deck?

A gas strut flip-out awning window from OpenUp Windows makes it possible.

With a focus on durability, functionality, and value, flip-out pass-thru awning windows from OpenUp Windows help you enhance your dining room layout to improve indoor-outdoor dining and entertainment while conveniently increasing the value of your property.

All OpenUp's pass-thru windows are handcrafted and pre-hung, making this unique upgrade a simple installation process for your renovation project, and an easy addition for architects to include in their home design plans.

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Many Texas homes now boast open-concept designs. OpenUp Windows takes this concept a step further by helping you merge your dining room and patio areas with a flip-out pass-thru window that opens to a 90-degree angle for more convenient indoor-outdoor living, dining, and year-round entertainment.

“Now you can go big by going home in Texas,” says OpenUp Windows’ founder and chief engineer Ed Page. “OpenUp® gas strut pass-through awning windows are the only high-design version of this revolutionary window category. We make indoor-outdoor living the best it can be with residential pass-thru windows for dining rooms that create both an impressive focal point and an easy connection to the outdoors.”

Crafted with proprietary 2Fold Technology, OpenUp Windows blends world-leading, high-tech Accoya® wood with the strength of heavy extruded aluminum. If you're someone who prioritizes sustainability, this engineering feat is right up your alley.

Accoya wood is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and tested to ensure dimensional stability, durability, and paint retention. It makes for a weather-resistant, pest-resistant, termite-resistant, and well-insulated window.

The combination of custom extruded aluminum sash and frame exteriors with Accoya wood sash and frame interiors gives you a minimalist aesthetic that complements all home designs.

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To help you shield your interiors from the hot summer sun, OpenUp Windows’ standard glass package comes with 1” thick insulated glass made up of two 3/16” tempered panes. Windows are hard-coated electrolytically for standard UV protection and can be customized to offer a double or triple silver coating for maximum UV protection.

With the availability of long-lasting flip-out pass-thru windows from OpenUp Windows, now you can now connect your dining room area with your patio to enjoy the best of both.

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