Pass CLEP Exams With Study Guides From Study With Marq.

May 23, 2022

Calling all college students—get recognized for what you already know with CLEP exams and Study With Marq’s new how-to-pass guides.

Pass CLEP Exams With Study Guides From Study With Marq.

If you want to speed up your college degree while cutting significantly down your college debt, CLEP exams are your best bet. To ensure you get the required passing grade and the college credits you desire, you need Study With Marq.

The companies new online two-week program is designed to specifically equip you with the know-how and skill-set you require to get a passing grade on your chosen College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) exams. These increasingly popular nationwide accredited exams allow you to attain college credits for knowledge you already possess.

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The launch coincides with a recent report from, which revealed that on average the annual passing rate for CLEP exams is only 59%. However, despite the degree of difficulty, CLEP exams can enable students to save significant money and time when completing their degree, with some students able to minimize a standard four-year bachelor degree to just one year.

At present, CLEP offers you 34 different exams that cover introductory level college course material. If you attain a passing score on one CLEP exam, you will enjoy three or more college credits at almost 3,000 tertiary education institutes across the country.

Given the time and money-saving potential of CLEP, Study With Marq is proud to be offering you your best chance of success in the exams with their study guides and study preparation subscription service.

The company’s new online programs covers an expansive array of subjects, including American Literature, American Government, Biology, Chemistry, Human Development, Humanities, Introductory Psychology, Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Spanish Language 1 and 2 and Sociology.

Study With Marq’s study guides, courses and materials are updated quarterly so you can rest assured that you will learn everything you need to know to attain a passing grade.

Study With Marq was founded by Marq Wess. After his own college experiences with the CLEP exams, he realized how much misinformation there was around the process and how many students would benefit from specialist advice and expertise. To date, they have served over 2,000 students.

A spokesperson for the school said, “With our programs you can say goodbye to all of your confusion, doubt and anxiety and hello to a passing grade! Our study prep is easy to follow and vetted by experts in each subject.”

There’s no doubt that our college years can be fun, but in 2022 they are generally more costly and stressful than ever. Avoid the drama of assignments, late night cram sessions and extra credit projects with CLEP exams and Study With Marq’s foolproof study guides.

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