Packing Supplies For Apartment Movers In Edison, NJ: How To Pack & Label Boxes

Aug 15, 2023

How many packing boxes is too many? Depends on who you ask; my cat would probably say you can never have too many boxes – and she’s not wrong. You will need lots of boxes, plus bubble wrap, and much more.

Moving to an exciting new place always seems like a great idea, until it's time to start packing.

Suddenly, you start thinking "Maybe I don't really like all this stuff that much," and "Who really needs a full set of cups and silverware? I'm just one person."

And I get that - it would be so much simpler to flop on the ground and just stay there - like Barbie. But we're not in Barbie Land and America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon are not coming to snap us out of it.

That pile of stuff you've accumulated over the years is not gonna pack itself - and time is running out. But before you start manically shoving everything in boxes, take a few minutes to learn about the packing supplies you will need to make sure everything is packed just right.

You can stick around to hear from me - and see if I can sneak in another reference to Barbie in a blog about packing supplies (should be fun!) - or you can head straight to the source, just click here.

So here's the gist of it - to properly pack all your stuff, you will need cardboard boxes, protective materials, and labeling supplies. You can buy packing supplies online or get them from local stores - some of it you can even find around the house, like old newspapers. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start with the basics: the moving boxes.

✔️ Cardboard Castles

Sure, everyone knows they need boxes to move - duh! But, did you know that you can get all kinds of item-specific boxes? For example, there are kitchen boxes that have compartments for all your fragile items like china and glassware. And did you know that there are wardrobe boxes which have a bar across the top so they're basically a portable closet? That's just the two I think are the coolest, but there are so many more, like TV and picture boxes.

Of course, it goes without saying, that you should get lots of standard boxes in all sizes, too. You know what the number one packing advice is: always overestimate how many boxes you need!

(Bonus tip: if you have a cat, you can always give them the extra boxes to play with/sleep in - it's a win-win.)

✔️ Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic

Now we come to the best part: bubble wrap! Who doesn't like bubble wrap? It's fun for the whole family, including the cat! But seriously now, you do want to get some bubble wrap - and, this is very important: do not pop ALL of it. Wait until you unpack at your new place and then have a bubble wrap party.

For now, use that bubble wrap wisely; it can protect your furniture and other large and fragile items from scratches and dents. And don't forget to use moving pads and blankets - those are great for tables and chairs. For your smaller and fragile items, you wanna use newspaper and wrap them real nice.

(Bonus top no. 2: if you have a cat, don't let them near the bubble wrap, newspaper, or anything that can be ripped apart.)

✔️ Here Be Dragons (well probably books, china, clothes, etc.)

The last time I moved, I forgot to label my boxes - so once it was time to unpack, we played "The Moving Game". That's when you pick a random box and whatever you're looking for is not there.

I didn't say it was a fun game. And if you'd rather avoid it, make sure to clearly label all your boxes according to room or items. For any box that contains fragile times, you should also mark them as "Fragile".

For boxes that are packed with books or anything else that's super heavy, it's a good idea to reinforce the bottom with packing tape. You don't want your collector's edition of The Stormlight Archive ending up on the floor, do you?

(Bonus tip no. 3: if you have a cat... well lucky you - because cats make everything better, even stupid packing. Hug your cat and relax.)

✔️ I Am (Not) Kenough

If just reading all of that is making you break a sweat, perhaps you'd like to explore other options - like hiring a professional moving company to do all the heavy lifting and packing for you., authors of the original guide whose tips I "borrowed", can get you up to seven free estimates from local moving companies so you can compare your options.

All you need to do is fill out a short form and they'll send over the quotes - it's that easy.

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