Outsider Art Tee With DJ Alien Logo: Fun Birthday Presents For Musicians

Feb 15, 2024

Do you love the NYC nightclub scene? Looking for the perfect gift for someone who does? Then check out Sarah James Jazz Merch’s NYC Graffiti T-shirt line!

Like many US cities, New York has changed a great deal over the past few years, and photos of its legendary graffiti art seem to capture a piece of a bygone era. If you cherish such memories, especially those of New York nightlife in the ‘90s and ‘00s – scenes like CBGB, Club 57, the Sound Factory, and the like – then you’ll definitely want to check out Sarah James Jazz Merch’s collection of NYC Graffiti T-shirts!

Have a look at https://www.gearbubble.com/rocktheblocnyc

Out-of-This-World Graffiti Art

One of the most popular items in the store's NYC Graffiti long-sleeved T-shirt collection displays a vividly imagined, seven-armed alien DJ partying the night away in the East Village. If you are, or if you know someone who is a DJ, artist, musician, or an aficionado of street fashion, then this image will certainly help get your (or their) jam on!

The Alien DJ shirt is made from 100% cotton and is comfortable and easy to care for, not to mention fun to wear. This is especially true of the image featured on this item, with its edgy, fantastical science-fiction vibes executed in incredible detail and even signed by the artist.

Great Colors & Comfy, Durable Fabric

You can choose from seven colors - classic black, red, blue, purple, grey, pink, and dark green - and sizes range from small to 3XL. The tee is fabricated from six-ounce, pre­shrunk cotton and made with shoulder-­to-­shoulder taping, seamless rib collars, and rib cuffs for extra comfort and flexibility.

Help Preserve a Piece of a Historic Culture

“I find many of my images downtown in the Lower East Side, So Ho, No Ho, and Chinatown,” Sarah James says of the provenance of the shirt’s image. “It seems that this location has a vibe that allows the creator to work undisturbed. New York has changed immeasurably over the past few years, but the heart and soul of the creatives are still relentlessly pursuing their visual dreams.”

When you place your order through the Gearbubble store, you can expect your shirt to arrive within seven to 12 business days, Sarah James adds.

Recording artist Sarah James is on a mission to capture the Lower East Side’s distinctive street art and preserve its stories before they disappear. She aims to share these stories and memories with graffiti lovers and other creatives like you through her new NYC Graffiti apparel line.

“So far, I have about 20 images,” Sarah James says of the project. “Each image tells a story, is edgy, and most, if not all, of them are no longer where they were photographed. Graffiti in NYC doesn't last long. The tees come in many colors and sizes, and are printed and shipped from the US, so the shipping time is pretty quick.”

More Creative Merch

The Sarah James Jazz Merch store features other tees displaying memorable NYC graffiti images with various themes, from Hindu goddesses, geishas, and yoginis to more abstract, cubist representations of the city's artists, wanderers, and dreamers. In the store on Sarah James's main site, you'll also find scented candles, coffee mugs, pillows, duffle bags, laptop sleeves, flip-flops, and more. Several of these items also feature the NYC graffiti images.

If you'd like to learn more about Sarah James and her work or to see her other merchandise on offer, have a look at http://www.sarahjames.com

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