Outpatient Clinic New Jersey Does Group Art, Sound & Adventure Therapy For OCD

Mar 20, 2024

Say goodbye to the isolation and loneliness of OCD and make a full recovery with Relevance Behavioral Health (866-245-1497), New Jersey’s leaders in community-focused outpatient group care.

The new motto at Relevance Behavioral Health is better together. If your OCD has left you feeling alone, alienated and misunderstood, New Jersey’s most holistic outpatient clinic is pleased to now also be the state's best group recovery center.

See how their community approach to healing and recovery can help you by going to https://relevancerecovery.com/mental-health/ocd-treatment/

Find Your Recovery Community With Relevance

Relevance Behavioral Health is committed to offering you a holistic, multidisciplinary, evidence-based, community-oriented and personalized approach, and with their new treatment services, they believe they can better help you make a lifelong recovery.

In particular, the team at Relevance is now making more use of group therapy and community-fostering integration activities to help you connect with people who can understand what you have experienced and who can help you reclaim your sense of identity. 

As a spokesperson for the holistic outpatient group clinic said, “Our community is here to remind you that you’re not alone in your journey.” 

Get The Best Evidence-Based Care & Holistic Group Therapy

In addition to individual therapy sessions that employ both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP)—the two preeminent clinical approaches for OCD—Relevance Behavioral Health also integrates structured group therapy into their care program.

They believe this integration will provide you with a safe space where you can share your experiences and receive affirmation and encouragement. 

As a holistic clinic that specializes in both psychosocial therapies and restorative wellness therapies, the team at Relevance is now also using these treatments as spaces for greater connection. As such, in addition to private recovery sessions, you can now benefit from group yoga and meditation classes, group art, sound and equine therapy sessions, and group adventure activities like camping trips. 

A Personalized Approach To OCD Recovery

The team at Relevance Behavioral Health has vast experience in the treatment of OCD and their comprehensive individual treatment plans also encompass medication management in case you need additional support as you make your recovery. 

The clinic’s spokesperson added, “At Relevance, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive range of treatment options that empower you to overcome the challenges of OCD and reclaim your life. We are committed to walking alongside you every step of the way, offering guidance, support, and evidence-based interventions that pave the path toward improved mental health and wellbeing.” 

The outpatient clinic’s services are covered by most major insurers and they encourage you to reach out and speak to their admissions team about coverage and enrolment. 

At Relevance Behavioral Health, you’ll always feel seen, supported and accepted.

Visit https://relevancerecovery.com/ to see why they are New Jersey’s leaders in OCD recovery.

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