Out Of State Moving From Jamaica, NY: How To Load & Drive A Rental Truck

Aug 10, 2023

Driving a moving truck is kind of like turning into a giant and having to learn how to move, all over again. To make sure you don’t cause any giant accidents, get some expert advice.

Do you know what's the weakest part of every vehicle?

... The nut holding the steering wheel.

Perhaps that explains why 66% of Americans experience driving anxiety - you never know what kind of a nut is holding the steering wheel and what they may do to put themselves and you in danger.

The roads are a scary place. Did you know that, according to a recent AAA study, eight out of ten drivers demonstrate aggressive behavior on the road, aka road rage?

All that, combined with the fact that you'll be driving a moving truck for the very first time, is probably stressing you out. (If it isn't, you either have nerves of steel or you're one of the eight drivers I mentioned above...)

And trust me, I get it. I find driving so stressful, I gave up on it completely. But I also know that sometimes you just have to do it. Moving is one such occasion, if you choose to DIY the whole thing.

The good thing is, the internet really has useful advice on just about anything. Yes, in that burning garbage pile of AI-generated nonsense, celebrity gossip, fake news, and whatever's trending on TikTok - there is still good information you can find. You just need to know where to look. For moving advice, I always go to Movers.com. They provide free moving quotes and have guides on literally every moving topic... Yes, I did 'steal' the idea for this blog from them. To check out their guide, just click here.

If you're still with me, without further ado, let's learn how to drive a moving truck!

✔️ Check the Truck Before You Go Go

If you've ever rented a car before, you probably know how important it is to check the car before you even set foot in it. In fact, rental agencies will inspect the car with you, taking pictures of any dents and scratches - so you can rest assured you won't be held liable for damages you didn't cause. The process is the same for moving trucks. If the rental agency doesn't take photos, make sure you do - and send it to them right away.

You should also make sure that all the lights and signals are working, the mirrors are aligned, the tires are filled with sufficient air, and there is enough gas for the trip. Once all that is marked with a 'check', it's time to move to the next phase.

✔️ Locked & Loaded

You may think that loading the truck is mostly just a matter of brawn - and you'd be wrong. This is a task that requires careful planning and attention to detail unless you want your stuff flying all over the truck - and potentially the street.

So listen carefully:

1) Make sure you secure everything with ratchet straps to prevent the items from moving around or toppling. If that happens, it could not only cause damage to your precious belongings but also distract you from the road and lead to catastrophic accidents.

2) Loading a truck is all about balance; you want to make sure the weight is equally distributed. Otherwise, your truck will be a moving Leaning Tower of Pisa - and a danger to you and everyone around you.

✔️ Hit the Road, Jack

Okay, I'll assume that you got the above all figured out and you're ready to hit the road. Before you do though, I have to remind you of some things that should (and likely are) obvious - but can often slip your mind when you're driving.

So here goes: the truck is much bigger and heavier than a car, which means it will move slower - whether you're accelerating or stopping.

You may roll your eyes, but it's easy to forget you're driving a truck when you've never driven one before! And so you may think, wrongly, "Oh I have plenty of time to stop before that red light" or "I can totally take over that Toyota Prius". News flash: You don't and you can't and shouldn't.

Driving a truck is a whole other ball game, so keep that in mind. Always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and take wider turns.

I haven't tried it, but maybe playing Euro Truck Simulator would help.

✔️ Moving Guys, Take the Wheel

If you decide all that is a bit much and you don't mind spending the extra money to have someone else do all the heavy lifting and the driving, don't forget to get estimates from several professional movers. The guys who wrote the "Best Ways To Drive A Moving Truck" guide, the one I mentioned above, can give you up to seven moving quotes, for free. Just visit https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/ny-new-york/jamaica/cheap-movers.html

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