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From self-driving cars to emotion recognition software, burger-flipping robots, and AI-fortune telling, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Yet, establishing legal and ethical frameworks for the development and implementation of new tech comes with many practical challenges.

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Essential for technologists, executives, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, Dr. Wright’s book delves deeply into the evolving ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging technologies. It presents you with decision-making frameworks to leverage these innovations, prioritizing transparency, integrity, and accountability.

A Practical Guide For Navigating New Age Technology

In the publication, you’ll find insights and strategies from professionals in fields ranging from software development to biotech research, AI engineering, robot design, and fintech management. You’ll learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate challenges and promote responsible technology development.

Key Regulation Challenges

The book comes at a time of rapid evolution of transformative technologies that necessitates constant evaluation and agility in ethical and legal approaches to balance innovation with regulation. Prominent considerations include data privacy, security, intellectual property, and the potential for bias and discrimination.

Bridging The Gap Between Emerging Technology & Law

One of the main predicaments addressed in Ethics Law and Technology Adoption is the chasm between the exponential development of technology and responses in the legal space. The author outlines the key issues that arise from this pacing problem and offers practical advice for managing legal risk.

Real-Life Examples & Case Studies

Other topics covered are negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements and managing client cases in disputes and litigation, including in-depth analysis of recent cases. The publication also demonstrates how technology is changing the landscape of legal practice itself.

Ethics Law and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges is available for purchase on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions!

About Dr. Steven A. Wright

Dr. Steven A. Wright is an expert in the field of technology and regulation with over 50 patents to his name. The prolific writer and lecturer holds an MBA in marketing/finance from Arizona State University, a PhD in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, and a JD from Georgia State University.

A recent reader said: “Technology adoption requires being open to challenging long-standing assumptions, traditions, and practices, and adaption. This is not easy even in the best of circumstances. This book provides an approach to practically and pragmatically overcome the resistance that has long held back the adoption of technology in the legal profession.”

Ethics Law and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption is the book you need to embrace innovation and stay ahead in the digital age!

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