San Jose Human-Created Online Content: Multimedia Brand Visibility Campaigns

May 26, 2024

Content written by and for humans is not only better at connecting with audiences, it’s also now preferred by Google. San Jose-based Redwood Basin Digital Media offers done-for-you content campaigns crafted by professionals.

Build Your Online Visibility & Reputation

It’s no secret that many of your potential clients are searching online, but how do you get people to find your business? Redwood Basin Digital Media offers multimedia content, developed by real writers, and published on 400+ trusted websites.

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Your campaign will cover six main formats, including news articles, informative blogs, videos, slideshows, and more. It’s then published on hundreds on well-known platforms, such as top news outlets like Business Insider, Associated Press, and Google News.

For a smaller business, it can be hard build an online profile rivalling that of major organizations, which puts you at a disadvantage. Redwood Basin Digital Media is addressing that imbalance with their innovative ‘done-for-you’ solution.

“We develop hyper-targeted content across six main formats and publish it on some of the most well-known platforms in the world,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of experienced writers and marketing experts, so we not only increase your digital footprint, but we also tell your story in a way that connects with audiences and builds trust.”

Getting Noticed By Google

Google’s most recent algorithm update, which came into full effect in early May, placed an emphasis on reducing low-quality and artificially generated content in search results by up to 40%. The platform explains that its goal is to help users find materials that offer real value, with a preference for content that was created “by and for humans.”

With the new content campaigns, Redwood Basin Digital Media offers professional content creation skills in combination with high-profile distribution. The ultimate goal is to boost the visibility of your local businesses among your target audience, driving an increase in website traffic and leads.

About Redwood Basin Digital Media

Recognizing the importance of online visibility and reputation for businesses of all sizes, Redwood Basin Digital Media sought to develop a cost-effective strategy that generates measurable results. The firm’s ‘done-for-you’ content campaigns are the result of those efforts, and the service continues to evolve, with new publishing partnerships expected in the near future.

“Thanks to these content campaigns, our business is thriving in multiple locations,” one client recently stated. “We’ve seen much greater visibility on Google, and I also have my time back to focus on being CEO, instead of worrying about digital marketing stuff.”

For high-quality multimedia exposure developed by and for humans, contact the specialists at Redwood Basin Digital Media.

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