The sun shines brighter on Earth Day: Biden unlocks $7 billion for Solar For All

May 26, 2024

Equipping your home with solar energy solutions just got a bit easier!

The timing couldn't have been better for President Joe Biden to announce new grants for Solar For All programs supporting new residential solar projects across the country: on Earth Day, he unveiled a whopping $7 billion in federal clean energy investment as part of his landmark climate change law, the Inflation Reduction Act, to broaden community solar access on a national level. What a way to celebrate our planet!

The future's looking bright, and it's powered by solar

The announcement comes shortly after the EIA published its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook pointing to the projected ample growth in solar power production - according to the agency, solar power generation in the country will soar 75% - from 163 billion kWh in 2023 to 286 billion kWh in 2025 - aided by technological advancements, enhanced productivity, lower prices, and favorable government support.

Exciting times ahead as green gets going

The fresh money, available under the $27 billion “green bank” set up as part of a sweeping climate bill passed in 2022, will be distributed among 60 recipients selected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), among them being state and local agencies, tribal governments, and non-profits with projects to shield vulnerable and economically disadvantaged communities from the harsh effects of climate change. Organizations that are poised to bring solar energy to households in the states of Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado are also on the list of winners.

The new grants are meant to benefit more than 900,000 low-and middle-income households, potentially slashing their utility bills by about $400 a year, Biden also said.

Solar For All: bridging the affordability gap in America's clean energy transition

Solar power is gaining momentum as a key renewable energy source that complements government efforts to lessen the country's reliance on fossil fuels. However, access to residential solar has long been considered challenging as panels come with a high price tag - the price for installation can fall between $5,000 and $25,000, potentially involving property upgrades - putting solar out of reach for many Americans. The Solar For All program is one such effort that has the potential to close this affordability gap, streamlining access to solar panels, especially in disadvantaged communities.

The initiative entails support for the installation of rooftop solar panels or streamlining access to community solar projects for income-eligible households. Importantly, the program will create new markets for distributed solar in 25 states and territories that had not previously implemented a statewide low-income solar program.

Not on the list? Power up your life and adventures with portable solar

If you like the idea of switching to renewable energy and saving on your energy bills, you can go to EPA's website to find out whether your community made the cut for the Solar For All program. If your neighborhood is not among the winners, you can still enjoy off-grid freedom with a portable power generator - it's a compact, mini-version of a standard solar power system, loaded with the capacity to power your devices, appliances, and even your outdoor adventures.

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