Tanay, Rizal Sustainable Tourism Adventures: Eco-Tourism Traveler’s Guide

Jun 16, 2024

Located only a short drive from Manila, Tanay is an eco-tourism paradise, and Ever Wonder Adventure explains all you need to know in their new Tanay traveler’s guide.

Sustainable Tourism

We can enjoy and explore natural wonders without destroying them or their local communities. That’s what sustainable tourism is all about. Tanay, in the Philippine’s Rizal province, is a shining example, and Ever Wonder Adventure now offers an in-depth guide.

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You can get to the Tanay region from Manilla in around two or three hours, and the contrast with the ‘big smoke’ couldn’t be greater. Enjoy pristine waterfalls and stunning views from mountain peaks, all protected by world-leading eco-tourism initiatives.

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“Ever Wonder Adventure aims to foster awareness and commitment to restore balance between humanity and nature,” a company representative explained. “We want to help people explore breathtaking landscapes, serene coastlines, picturesque hills, forested towns, and charming fishing villages, but do so in a sustainable manner.”

Discover Tanay

The proximity of Tanay to Manilla, along with a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions, makes it a popular destination for adventure travelers. Some of the more well-known activities include Masungi Georeserve, Daranak Falls, and hiking to Mount Batolusong and Mount Pinatubo.

As Ever Wonder Adventure points out, Tanay is also emerging as a leader in the field of environmentally responsible tourism. The new guide details some of the sights and experiences that visitors can expect, as well as many of the initiatives that have been adopted to protect them for future generations.

“Tanay, Rizal, invites you not just to visit, but to connect with a movement that values our planet and the spirit of adventure,” the firm continues. “Pack your eco-friendly gear, and let's embark on a journey filled with beauty, discovery, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.”

About Ever Wonder Adventure

In addition to Tanay, the website’s travel guide series now covers Puerto Princesa, Bhutan, Costa Rica, South Korea, Chiang Rai and The Golden Triangle, and more. Ever Wonder Adventure also wants to draw attention to pressing environmental conservation issues, with a series of Saving Earth pieces covering topics such as food waste and endangered species of sea turtles. 

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