Budget Sustainability Tool Helps Unemployed Professional Reduce Utility Bills!

Jun 16, 2024

If you’re currently unemployed and worried about making ends meet, the Bill Saver platform from Recession Resister helps you create and maintain a sustainable budget, with reductions in utility rates.

Recently jobless and panicking about money? Bill Saver's budget management system and rate negotiation team can help!

Check it out at https://recessionresister.com

The Bill Saver tool from Recession Resister helps negotiate better rates on your utility bills while also identifying areas of financial waste within your budget.

Start Saving

At a time when many people are increasingly concerned about the rising cost of living, Bill Saver can reduce monthly bills in areas like electric, gas, water delivery, waste management, pest control, security, internet, and telecommunications.

A recent report from CNN shows that a growing number of American households face steep rises in housing, car prices, and regular utilities - which can become an even greater concern for professionals who have recently been laid off. With a recognition of how stressful unemployment can be, Bill Saver helps you and your family manage budgets more sustainably while saving money.

Get Better Rates

“Most people are being overcharged for regular services and don’t even realize it,” explains a spokesperson. “Your service providers have been banking on the idea that you won’t ask - which is where we come in. Our goal is to save you money, time, and hassle!”

Bill Saver’s expert team of negotiators contacts utility companies directly to negotiate more competitive rates and savings. If a better rate is identified with a different company, they’ll also arrange for your accounts to be switched automatically at the end of the next pay period, with no further action required.

Along with rate negotiations, Bill Saver conducts a thorough financial audit of your past spending, helping to identify possible areas where refunds or reductions may be possible. Their detailed reporting and communications protocols mean that you stay up to date at all times, with Bill Saver agents available by phone, email, and chat.

Access Discounts

The service comes with no cost or fees unless savings are identified, at which point the total amount of money saved is divided 50/50. As a client, you are also invited to take advantage of pay-in-full discounts which are frequently available.

Previous customers have positive reviews for the service. “I didn’t even realize I could negotiate some of these bills,” says Mike B. “Bill Saver got me a lower bill for my cable, internet, cellphone, and energy. I didn’t have to do a thing - with hundreds of dollars in savings. Highly recommend!”

Stop hemorrhaging money and start saving - sign up for Bill Saver today!

Find more information at https://recessionresister.com

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