Technology Adoption Legal & Ethical Challenges Explored In Expert Guidebook!

Apr 2, 2024

Wanting to learn more about ethical approaches to technological advances? Macadamia LLC offers a professional guidebook by Dr. Steven A. Wright, titled “Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption.”

As an industry leader, you want to keep up to date on the latest technologies and how they might affect your business or organization. With a focus on ethical decision-making, Dr. Steven A. Wright's book, Ethics, Law and Technology Adoption, helps you make your way through a sometimes challenging landscape.

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The technology and business guidebook is designed to help you understand ethical frameworks and complex legal issues that accompany rapidly emerging technological tools.

With topics ranging from smart contracts to ethical decision-making, Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption by Dr. Steven A. Wright is suitable for CEOs, technology engineers, lawyers, academics, and anyone seeking to understand the current technological landscape.

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Research published in the Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics shows that a thorough understanding of ethical frameworks is an important part of ensuring that emerging technologies are used to benefit - rather than harm - individuals and society as a whole. With decades of experience in the arena of technological innovation and a professional understanding of the law, Dr. Steven A. Wright offers practical guidance and factual information across a range of sectors.

“My book is a practical guide to ethics for technology adoption professionals,” explains Dr. Wright. “Whether you are a technologist, a business executive, or a lawyer, you need to understand the ethical and legal implications of your work.”

Explore Decision-Making

The guidebook covers a range of ethical argumentation to prepare you as you seek to move through the dynamic, complex environment of technology innovation and regulation, with its many challenges and opportunities.

Dr. Wright explores the main ethical frameworks that can inform your decision-making when it comes to technology development and deployment, and underscores key legal issues and challenges that are at the forefront of the field.

Learn Practical Strategies

He also offers you practical insights and strategies drawn from real-world examples and case studies of ethical challenges dealing with new technology in different areas of research or industry. You are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Critics give positive reviews for the technology guidebook. Technology lawyer Colin S. Levy says, “In this engaging, thoughtful, and detailed book, Steven Wright outlines how to promote adoption for the long term and explores the relationship between ethics and technology. This book provides an approach to practically and pragmatically overcoming the resistance that has long held back adoption of technology in the legal profession.”

Make sure your approach to technology is ethically and legally sound with expert insights from Dr. Steven A. Wright!

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