Order Custom-Shaped Plush Pillows For Company Merch & Corporate Giveaways Here

Jul 31, 2023

If your company is looking for unique merchandise to sell, you should consider ordering some custom-shaped pillows from Pilloo in Montreal!

These days, brand names and logos are printed on anything and everything! But have you ever seen a brand name or logo turned into a fluffy pillow? Well, now you can, thanks to Pilloo!

The Montreal pillow manufacturer's customization options allow your business to create high-quality, personalized pillows featuring prints of your company branding and logos. The pillows are meant to be a unique way of promoting your business and bringing your brands to life.

Go to https://www.pilloo.ca to find out more.

To take advantage of Pilloo’s customization options, you must start by uploading the branding or logos you want to be depicted on the pillows to Pilloo’s online design tool. Once uploaded, a mock-up of the pillow is generated, which you can then edit and adjust until it meets your satisfaction.

All of the pillows created this way are custom-shaped, meaning they are cut and sewn in the outline of the image that you provide. As far as sizing is concerned, you have the choice between four sizes, with 16” being the smallest and 60” being the biggest. For bulk orders of 10 or more pillows, you have to go through Pilloo’s design team directly.

The pillows are made using high-quality fabrics and materials, including soft velvet and polyester for the shell and eco-friendly stuffing for the filling. Because of this, all of the pillows are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. This also allows them to be machine-washed numerous times without them tearing, ripping, bleeding, or fading.

For printing, Pilloo uses an innovative sublimation technique in which the image is first put onto a piece of special paper and then transferred onto the pillow using heat. This technique produces clearer, longer-lasting, more vibrant designs than traditional printing methods. Also, the inks and resins they use are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making the pillows safe for everyone.

Several notable companies have utilized Pilloo’s customization service to create one-of-a-kind branded pillows, including Bud Light, Tim Hortons, Red Bull, Lays, and American Express. Many companies order them as merchandise that they can sell through their own retail channels. Other companies get them as office décor, decorations for events, or as gifts for employees.

“We had Pilloo create some branded pillows for a fundraiser our company recently hosted,” said a satisfied customer. “They fulfilled our fairly sizeable order in a very timely fashion, and the craftsmanship of each pillow was superb. All of our guests loved them too. We’ll definitely be ordering more from them in the future.”

In addition to its customization options, Pilloo also offers a variety of ready-made pillow designs that your business might be interested in. For example, they have a range of food and drink-related pillows which are ideal for restaurants and bars. They also have a collection of car-inspired pillows, which look great in garages or mechanic shops.

Pilloo has been designing, manufacturing, and shipping handcrafted pillows from its Montreal facility since 1999. To date, the company has collaborated with thousands of customers, helping them create long-lasting, huggable memories for their homes and businesses.

Put your brand on a comfy pillow today by visiting https://www.pilloo.ca

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