Orange County’s Top Mentalist Now Available for Corporate & Private Bookings

Sep 13, 2023

Book Adrian Saint now and elevate your next corporate or private event with mesmerizing magic and mentalism! Perfect for any audience!

Add a touch of mystery to your next gathering! By hiring a magician and mentalist, you'll ensure an unforgettable party experience. Watch as your guests are captivated by astounding tricks and mind-bending feats. Book Adrian Saint and make your event the talk of the town!

The Orange County-based entertainer offers a unique and exhilarating experience for attendees and a fresh option for event organizers seeking to add fun and engaging entertainment for sophisticated corporate audiences

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Magicians have long been the top choice for party entertainment, and for good reason. Unlike many other forms of entertainment, magicians offer a unique blend of mystery, intrigue, and interactive engagement that appeals to guests of all ages. Their performances provide a visual spectacle that challenges the mind, prompting audiences to question the boundaries of reality and illusion.

Moreover, magicians like Adrian Saint have the innate ability to adapt to diverse audiences, ensuring that the act is always tailored to captivate and amuse, whether it's a children's birthday, a corporate event, or an intimate gathering. The interactive nature of magic acts fosters a sense of community among guests, making it a bonding experience and ensuring the party remains a topic of conversation long after the final trick has been performed.

Orange County's Top Mentalist

Adrian Saint describes his show as distinctive and captivating, combining humor, mind-reading, persuasion, and audience engagement. Performances can last 30 to 75 minutes, where he predicts participants’ futures and reveals their cherished memories. Staying true to his craft, Adrian does not rely on secret assistants or covertly sourced information about the audience members. He offers a 100% refund to anyone who can prove otherwise and if the audience or organizers are dissatisfied with his performance.

If you are seeking a touch of magic to elevate private events, like birthdays and anniversaries, Adrian also has two decades of experience as a professional magician and illusionist. He has performed at the Academy Awards, the White House, and Buckingham Palace.

As a magician, he specializes in close-up magic, and his repertoire includes card tricks, levitation, disappearing acts, and mentalism. Ensuring every performance is family-friendly, his stunts are safe for children to watch and participate in, while still leaving adult audiences entertained and captivated.

Mentalist Adrian Saint delivers captivating performances, blending telepathy, persuasion, and mental prowess. Born a twin, his intrigue with the mind led him to master various disciplines, from psychology to ESP. Gaining attention from platforms like MTV, Adrian has showcased his talent at notable venues, including UC Davis, MTV, JP Morgan Chase, and 7-Eleven.

What Spectators Are Saying

"Just amazing. We really enjoyed the show and are still trying to figure it out. They couldn’t have been better. Every guest came up to me afterward, raving about the show. Jaw-dropping mentalism, we were in total awe and wonderment."

"I’m still hearing from my people about how much they enjoyed your performances! Everyone thought you guys were amazing!"

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