Open Your Ice Cream Shop In Daytona Beach: Join A Franchise With Custom Menus

Oct 25, 2022

If you’ve ever dreamt of cashing in on the lucrative tourist market in Florida, now is your chance. The Ice Cream Hut is now accepting new partner applications for entrepreneurs just like you.

Open Your Ice Cream Shop In Daytona Beach: Join A Franchise With Custom Menus

Florida has a reputation around the world as a chaotic land of natural, tropical beauty, colorful wildlife, and summer fun. Of course, it is also a destination for those looking to escape the harsh winters of the northern US, making it a prime investment opportunity for all sorts of ventures.

The top of the list for many, though, is the humble ice cream parlor - a fun, low-stress, nearly-guaranteed investment opportunity that cashes in Florida's unique social and environmental climate. Now, Ice Cream Hut is looking for partners to open new locations in the state, and you could be the next to do so.

To find out how to become a partner, visit

They have already established successful locations in Vierna, Cocoa Beach, and Rockledge. While they currently only have partner locations within state boundaries, they have expressed interest in eventually opening locations in neighboring states as well.

The southern part of Florida enjoys year-round tourism and is the warmest on average of any state. This makes it the ideal location for an ice cream franchise, and with so many tourist destinations lacking an Ice Cream Hut location, they are excited to welcome new partners into their business.

Owning an ice cream parlor is considered a safe - if seasonably dependent - investment by many financial experts. These same experts, however, concede that Florida is the exception to the rule, and that those who choose to operate an ice cream parlor have the greatest chance of long-term success in the state’s warmer climate.

The Ice Cream Hut brand is family-friendly and features colorful, welcoming marketing material. They boast a wide range of available flavors, with regional favorites such as “Gator Trail” and “Praline Pecan”, vegan and sugar-free options, and seasonal offerings like “Christmas Cookie” all on offer at select locations.

You will have your pick of many of the most well-traveled areas in Florida, from the Orlando metropolitan area down to the Keys. You can pitch a location to the company through the form on their website in order to start the partnering process.

Apply today to get started building your sweet, sweet future in the ice cream business. The fun work environment and above-average ROI will ensure you never regret it!

The company website will allow central access to all partner locations, and includes customizable menus and online order support. Franchisees will be given the freedom to select which flavors appear at their location to best cater to local markets.

To apply, visit and pitch your idea for their next location.

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