How To Find & Hire A Reputable Moving Company In Sarasota In 5 Simple Steps

May 3, 2024

Looking for a moving company? Overwhelmed by choice? helps you whittle down the competition in five easy steps so that you end up with a company you can trust.

Placing your trust in a moving company is a big ask. With professional moving scams on the rise, it can be difficult to make your choice, particularly when there is so much at stake. Can you trust them to get all your belongings from A to B in one piece? And what about your agreed price? If this feels like an impossible decision, do not lose hope. is here with five simple steps to help you choose your next moving company with confidence. 

Aimed at Sarasota families planning a short-distance move, the guide outlines five easy steps to hiring a trustworthy, professional moving company. With advice for ‘narrowing down the field’, helps you find a reputable moving company that best suits your budget and needs. recommends beginning your search at least four months in advance. This ensures there is ample time to research potential companies, working off verbal recommendations and customer reviews. The worst thing you could do is make a last-minute, rash decision! “The market is flooded with moving companies competing for your attention and your business, so it can be easy to fall prey to an unprofessional, unethical company with all the movers that are vying for your dollar, warns”

The more information you can gather about a moving company, the better.

Narrowing Down the Field

According to data published by IBIS World, Florida has 1,504 registered moving companies, one of the highest numbers across the U.S. With so many companies to choose from, recognizes the challenges that come alongside this. “The best way to narrow your search for a moving company is to find three movers in your area that you believe best fit the criteria for your move,” explains When assessing just three companies, you can more easily compare the pros and cons of each.

When comparing moving companies, it is best to remain skeptical of unusually low quotes. Although, at first glance, it may seem like you are getting a good deal, you could fall victim to future price hikes and additional fees. This is a common moving scam and one that should be avoided at all costs!

In-Person Estimates

According to the guide, the safest way to secure an accurate moving estimate is in person. This involves the moving company attending your house to assess your home inventory and associated moving costs. At this point in the process, you could be offered one of three estimates: binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed, which are all explained fully within the guide.

Although cost matters, it is important to consider other factors when making your decision, including employee training requirements, length of operation, and service inclusions. Before committing to a company, the guide suggests carrying out a background check to ensure they are operating legally. You are perfectly at right to request proof of license and registration, says, and should do so for added peace of mind!

Follow these five steps and you are in for a stress-free move. For more advice on how to make a smart decision, head over to

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