When To Pack For Your Cape Coral Short-Distance Move: Packing Scheduling Tips

May 3, 2024

If you’re moving soon, you may well be wondering when to start packing. Is it too soon? Movers.com has all the advice you need to schedule a stress-free, short-distance move.

You've just closed a deal on your dream home and are now wondering when is the best time to start packing. You don't want to leave it to the last minute, but neither do you want to be living in a maze of boxes for the next four months. There's one thing you do know: packing up your entire home is going to be time-consuming so this needs to be planned like a pro.

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Timing is Everything

Movers.com recognizes packing as a “monumental task” that can significantly add to your stress if not timed correctly. As explained in their guide, packing too early restricts your access to regularly used items but packing too late can result in added stress come moving day. No one wants to be rooting around in boxes for the toothpaste, but, with so much stuff to pack up, you've got to start at some point, right?

Do not fear, as Movers.com is here with all the tips and strategies you need to make the packing process entirely stress-free!

“Each move is different and when you should begin packing is determined by how many belongings you have,” explains Movers.com. According to a recent study by the LA Times, the average U.S. household owns over 300,000 items. Therefore, when planning a short-distance move, you should carefully assess the size of your home inventory to avoid running out of time. Movers.com says the general rule is to begin the packing process approximately one month in advance.

“Never leave packing until the last minute,” warns Movers.com. “Waiting a week or the day before a move to pack is a recipe for disaster.”

Stress-Free Packing

To avoid last-minute stress, the guide advises starting early, decluttering as many items as possible to limit the size of your move. This will save you both time and money, as well as lowering your stress levels on moving day.

Movers.com recommends packing from room to room, starting with the least used areas of your home. “Pack the items you are least likely to use first and save important belongings for last,” says Movers.com. It is best to leave the kitchen and bathroom until closer to moving day, as these are the rooms with the most regularly used items.

To further reduce stress on moving day, you should clearly label each moving box with the contents, intended location and fragility. Movers.com also highlights the importance of sealing boxes with strong packing tape to protect the contents inside.

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