OOt’s Social Map Concept Revolutionizes Community Apps For Tourists & Locals

Aug 12, 2022

The first app of its kind, OOt Social gives you access to a live Social Map™ of community engagement in your area – from trending restaurants for people that share your interests to cool upcoming events and other socializing opportunities, OOt has it all!

OOt’s Social Map Concept Revolutionizes Community Apps For Tourists & Locals

Now officially in beta testing, OOt Social gives you a unique opportunity to make new friends and find new places - and get access to exclusive deals plus an opportunity to win an amazing staycation in Toronto, Miami or Austin!

Based on the company’s innovative Social Map™ concept, OOt Social marks a major evolution in social media-enabled community engagement, allowing you to join communities of interest, get live information on events nearby, and socialize with people who share your passions.

Check it out today at https://ootsocial.com

The new app leverages the pioneering Social Map concept to display live data based on community engagement.

Whether you’re into sports or an avid musician - or both! - OOt helps you find cool things to do and make new friends based on your favorite activities. You can choose from more than 80 communities of interest available, including sports, gaming, culture, music, and cuisine.

In beta testing as of August 1, OOt Social currently allows you to choose initial communities and discover popular venues on its interactive map. The app will see a range of new features in the coming months, including editable user profiles, leaving and joining social communities, and a full search tool, among others.

“Over the second half of 2022, OOt will add community discussion feeds, video reviews, a friends finder, and neighbourhood matchmaking for those looking for romance,’ said a company representative. “Our goal is to use technology to bring people together and help strengthen local communities. We’re focusing on developing community-building features, and especially making it easier to meet new people and organize meetings within your communities.”

OOt will be available in Toronto, Miami, and Austin, each city having its own points leaderboard. Top users in each city will win a staycation with a dinner, show and night at a hotel. Additionally, OOt Social features an “OOtchievements” system that rewards you for completing various challenges and inviting new members.

As part of the company’s community focus, the new app also provides a platform for local businesses interested in the future of digitally-enabled community engagement. Businesses can join the OOt app, offer prizes, and access advanced analytics to see which communities of interest best respond to their offers. A business-only community feature will also be added.

Test the beta version of OOt today for a chance to make new friends and win cool prizes!

Get the app at https://ootsocial.com

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