NYC Graffiti T-Shirts With Inspiring Slogans Are Perfect Gift For Art Lovers

Feb 23, 2024

Are you looking for the best place to buy unique T-shirt gifts for friends or family? Sarah James Jazz Merch offers a range of eye-catching designs you won’t find in stores!

New York is home to some really creative graffiti, and Sarah James – owner of Sarah James Jazz Merch – has an eagle eye for spotting the best murals. Now you can show off your love for graffiti with her collection of eye-catching designs, including this Red Girl Fiery Hand piece with the slogan "Keep It Lit… Love From NYC."

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The perfect tee for motivation

Sarah explains that the design speaks to the idea of always staying inspired and motivated, especially as graffiti in New York is so frequently covered up. Despite this, local artists create murals every day - and the Red Girl Fiery Hand piece is a testament to their desire to entertain New Yorkers.

Celebrate graffiti in style

Graffiti has a rich history in New York, evolving from its origins in the 1970s into a popular contemporary art form with new murals created daily. While Sarah James is a professional jazz musician, she has a passion for photography and takes regular trips through the city to find inspiring artwork - creating T-shirts that celebrate the work before they get covered up by new tags.

Get inspired to keep it lit

The Red Girl Fiery Hand design was found on the side of a Lower East Side building and features vibrant reds and oranges set against an industrial backdrop. Sarah chose it for its eye-catching color scheme and inspirational message, feeling that it encapsulates the spirit of New York.

Colors for any preference

The T-shirt is available in a range of colors, and all shirts are printed and produced in the US, with expected delivery in 7-12 business days.

In addition to the 'Red Girl Fiery Hand' design, Sarah's collection includes other NYC-inspired graffiti pieces, such as 'Money Eyes Man' and 'Blue Moon Girl,' found on the side of a large newspaper dispenser.

Super comfortable designs

The design has already received positive feedback from customers praising the quality and comfort, noting that the 100% preshrunk cotton provides a soft feel.

Sarah states: "So far I have about 20 images that I photographed in NYC, mostly on the Lower East Side. Each image tells a story, is edgy, and most - if not all of them - are no longer where they were photographed. Graffiti doesn't last long - either the sanitation department comes along and tears them down or people just paste, draw, or otherwise alter the images."

Whether you’re a graffiti lover or you know someone else who is, Sarah James Jazz Merch is the ideal place to shop!

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