NYC Graffiti Street Murals On Cotton Long-Sleeve Tees: New Pink Elephant Design

Feb 23, 2024

NYC street art enthusiast and jazz musician Sarah James has released another addition to her apparel line, Sarah James Jazz Merch, of pure cotton long-sleeve T-shirts featuring her photography of the city’s unique graffiti art.

Legendary Graffiti Art Bites the Big Apple

New York City graffiti art has had a worldwide influence since the 1970s – if the Big Apple is widely considered the cultural center of the world, it might also be considered the world’s street art center. Native New Yorker and long-time performing artist Sarah James has been traipsing the streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side to capture these one-of-a-kind images before they disappear forever.

Now she shares them with other artists and urban art lovers through her apparel line of long-sleeved cotton T-shirts. Check out the latest addition to the collection here:

Be a Billboard for Raw Creativity

The new T-shirt design captures the city’s raw creativity reflected in the vibrant, multicultural graffiti art adorning many of its public surfaces. Titled “We Rise By Lifting Others - Elephant,” the shirt is entirely fabricated from pure, six-ounce, preshrunk cotton that will lay comfortably against your skin. Sarah James photographed its featured image on a building wall on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, on the corner of Sixth Street and First Avenue, in the early spring of 2023.

Celebrate Ganesh as the Universal Uplifter

The mural is a striking close-up of the Hindu god Ganesh as a pink elephant wearing pearl-festooned headgear. Since Ganesh symbolizes protection and the removal of obstacles to move forward in life, the image’s tag is apt: “We Rise By Lifting Others.”

The mural’s dominant colors of pink, red, and yellow symbolize purity, peace, good fortune, and worldly activity. They convey the message that you should perform your worldly duties calmly, gladly, and honestly.

An Exclusive Offer

You'll find these T-shirts only on the Sarah James Jazz Merch store, where you can choose from six different colors and six different sizes, from small to 3XL. In the store, you'll also find other examples of Sarah James’ efforts to preserve NYC’s graffiti art on comfortable, durable, versatile T-shirts.

Here's Sarah James' take on her NYC graffiti photography project:

"I’m in search of artwork that speaks to me. Most times the work of the artist makes me think about a feeling that is being conveyed with immediacy. Many times, I feel the loss, the confusion, and the spirituality of the artist come through in the images in a way that is rough, free, raw, and unencumbered by intellect.”

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Besides long-sleeved cotton tees, you'll find many other exclusive designer items in the Sarah James Jazz Merch store, several of which also feature Sarah James' NYC graffiti photos. These include coffee mugs, throw pillows, shower curtains, duffle bags, leggings, iPhone cases, and much more. For more info:

Get your “We Rise By Lifting Others - Elephant" tee today at:

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