Newark Vetted Apartment Movers’ New Guide Helps You Time Your Move Just Right

Aug 10, 2023

Want to move out within the next 12 months, but not sure what’s the best time or where to find pre-screened moving services?’s (1-866-343-1243) new article on the year’s best moving times can help you figure it out and find great moving companies.

If you get to choose the time you move, in one sense you're lucky to have that freedom. But in another sense, you're not so lucky because that means you'll have to do more work to find out how you can get the best deal that jives with your circumstances.'s article will help you pinpoint the best time to move in the context of the most popular months for moving, which happen to be the summer months.

To read the full guide, just click here.

As the guide shows, summer might seem like a good time to relocate because the weather is nice, there are more sunlight hours, and you won’t have to pull your kids out of school. However, there are little-known advantages to moving during the less popular months.

If you live in a high-rise apartment in an urban area like Newark, you may be facing special challenges in choosing which month to move. If you choose one of the most popular months for moving, which are also the busiest months for moving companies, you may have difficulty finding high-quality services, because such companies usually get booked very quickly and raise their rates.

By contrast, moving during April, December, and January can have distinct advantages. April falls just before moving companies’ high-demand period and your kids may be on spring break, a more convenient time for them to move. During December and January, rates may be much lower than usual. has also found companies recommend mid-month, weekdays, and the early morning hours as the best times for relocating, because most have open slots during these times.

Since 1994, has been providing expert guidance to millions of movers, making it the Internet’s longest-established relocation advice platform. The company boasts a broad network of over 700 pre-screened, qualified moving service providers.

The platform features comprehensive collections of moving guides and instructive how-to videos, the latter containing over 150 entries. The site also features a regularly updated blog with the latest insights from industry experts.

“Offering free moving quotes is simple. Almost anyone with a telephone and a computer could quickly do it,” a company spokesperson explained. “But here we dared to be very different. In fact, we’ve made it a point to not cut any corners. That means that you get access to the world’s largest database of reliable movers at the click of a mouse.”

So, now that you know where to find some solid advice about how to determine your best moving time, want to know where you can find solid, affordable moving services near you? Well, can help you with that, too!

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