New York Secure Lockers For Public Safety & Police Stations Keep Evidence Safe

Nov 18, 2023

If your law enforcement facility needs a storage upgrade, Spacesaver offers high-density mobile shelving and customizable, secure evidence storage lockers and shelving products for public safety teams and police officers.

As a law enforcement professional, you already know the importance of proper collection and storage of evidence.

But is your department fully up to date in this area, or are things slipping through the cracks?

If you're worried about the answer to this question, Spacesaver has solutions!

The company provides short-term and long-term evidence solutions, high-density mobile shelving, and products for the secure handling of narcotics, weapons, and biological samples.

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The selection of evidence lockers from Spacesaver is ideal for your law enforcement facility or other government organization that needs secure storage for items retrieved in connection with a crime or investigation.

Recent research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information highlights the importance of storage when it comes to handling physical evidence in connection with a criminal situation, as improper storage can cause evidence to become damaged and may affect the legal outcome of a case down the road. The evidence lockers from Spacesaver are specially designed to keep all types of physical evidence safe and damage-free after you've collected it. “Once each piece of evidence is ‘bagged and tagged’ and put into the system, it remains secure until retrieved by the proper personnel,” says a company spokesperson. “It’s important that your evidence storage solution keeps your mind at ease and evidence is always stored securely.”

The configurable evidence lockers are constructed with the goal of providing maximal operational efficiency for your law enforcement organization, with the capacity to hold multiple types of evidence - refrigerated or standard - at any time of the day or night. Spacesaver’s keyless locking system allows access without the hassle of combinations or keys or reliance on an evidence technician to safely and securely deposit evidence. Each locker comes with a range of customizable features, including pass-through doors or non-pass-through doors. The wide range of shapes and sizes means that the lockers can be organized to fit any type of space.

For biologically sensitive pieces of evidence, refrigeration options keep samples from degrading, while the narcotics evidence lockers are designed specifically for drug evidence requirements.

In addition to evidence storage, the company’s weapons lockers provide a space-efficient solution for the secure management of guns or other weapons within your police department or public safety environment. From small sally port lockers to weapon racks that can store rifles and other long guns, Spacesaver products help keep officers prepared.

Ensure your evidence room is secure and fully modernized with high-density mobile shelving and evidence storage lockers from Spacesaver!

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