New USA Manufacturing Storage Systems Improve Industrial Workflow & Safety

Apr 19, 2024

Is it time to upgrade your warehouse storage system? Spacesaver Corporation’s (800-255-8170) Gesture Control™ creates an option for touchless operation of Powered High-Density Mobile Systems, improving safety & productivity in your manufacturing warehouse!

Every workplace has its version of "sensitive material" that needs proper storage. But, with limited space, an inefficient storage system can lead to an inefficient and even unsafe working environment. Spacesaver Corporation's unique Gesture Control™ system makes for a seamless and safe touch-free workflow and its high-density mobile storage units can be customized to fit your space.

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Safer, Happier Workplaces

Spacesaver Corporation created the Gesture Control system to further improve the safety of its already efficient high-density mobile storage systems, which are available in multiple configurations and capacities.

The Gesture Control system is ideal for environments where controls can become worn or unreadable, like tool rooms or maintenance areas, or where users frequently are carrying items. It also improves safety by allowing your workers to easily operate and adjust a workplace storage system even when their hands are full.

We all know how awkward and frustrating it can be to open and close doors while returning or retrieving large or heavy boxes to and from storage. Not only does it slow you down, but it increases your risk for a workplace injury. The Gesture Control system eliminates this risk, allowing for seamless movement in and out of the storage area.

Additionally, Gesture Control helps create hygienic workplaces - such as healthcare facilities, libraries, and schools - as it minimizes touch surfaces and, therefore, the spread of germs that could potentially pose a health risk for your personnel and customers.

Spacesaver Corporation Has Your Back

With this patent-pending technology, Spacesaver Corporation gives you an option for improving the operational longevity and efficiency of your powered high-density mobile storage systems. Gesture Control is controlled and activated by directional movement, allowing for touchless operation and eliminating a touch surface from your company's workflow.

Gesture Control™ is the first of its kind and features a simple, intuitive user interface so you won't have to waste valuable time on training.

About Spacesaver Corporation

With a 300,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Spacesaver Corporation has been providing fully USA-made storage solutions since 1972. Dedicated to improving efficiency, safety, security, and productivity, the company's in-house teams have designed custom storage configurations for a range of commercial and residential customers. Over the years, Spacesaver Corporation has collaborated with museums, libraries, military bases, police departments, cannabis grows, warehouse facilities, and more, to provide specialized storage solutions that meet the unique needs of each space.

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