Custom Warehouse 4-Post & Case Type Mobile Shelving With Gesture Control

Apr 4, 2024

Want a storage solution that saves space, improves safety, and lasts for generations? Spacesaver Corporation (800 255-8170) offers fully customizable 4-post and case-type high-density mobile shelving with touch-free operation now available to industrial manufacturers and businesses.

Whether for a new building or a renovation, secure and reliable storage is a big deal. Touch-free, high-density mobile shelving can save you a ton of space and improve productivity and safety!

For Unites States businesses, Spacesaver Corporation has made it easier to access welded-steel 4-post and case-type shelving with touchless operation, that can be customized to meet their unique storage and aesthetic needs.

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Importance of Industrial & Manufacturing Storage

Spacesaver, a provider of industrial racking and storage solutions, focuses on optimizing operational efficiency. Through expert consulting services, the company customizes systems to meet current facility needs while allowing for future expansion. Recognizing the importance of planning for present and future requirements, the company ensures clients make the most of available space.

At its core, manufacturing involves a straightforward process of combining inputs, transforming them, and distributing the resulting output for revenue generation. Despite this apparent simplicity, Spacesaver acknowledges the multitude of additional activities that coexist within a manufacturing operation. Each of these activities incurs costs related to direct materials, labor, and overhead, contributing significantly to the crucial calculation of an organization's profitability.

Perfect for New Constructions

Spacesaver Corporation's high-density mobile shelving options are perfect for newly constructed buildings and those in need of storage upgrades.

With so many new building construction projects set to be completed in the United States in 2024, high-quality storage options can help put your business ahead of the game. Spacesaver Corporation offers versatile, durable storage configurations that are ideal for transit centers, housing projects, small businesses, hospitals, museums, galleries, warehouses, libraries, and so much more!

Hands-Free Operation

Make your facility healthier and more hygienic with Spacesaver Corporation's new gesture control feature.

This cutting-edge, touchless system allows workers to operate any of Spacesaver's high-density mobile storage units hands-free, thus eliminating touch surfaces that could spread germs or disease. It also cuts down on the potential for workplace injury by allowing workers to seamlessly enter and exit storage while carrying heavy items.

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Fully Customizable Storage

Spacesaver Corporation wants to collaborate with you on designing exactly the unique shelving configuration that meets your unique commercial or personal needs.

Its 4-post and case-type configurations use high-capacity, all-USA-made shelving with customizable accessories, including drawers, doors, locking systems, and more. You can even choose colors and finishes that perfectly complement your branding, workplace vibe, and desired aesthetics.

These storage systems allow for easy assembly and re-configuration as your business's needs evolve. Plus, Spacesaver's 4-post and case-type shelving are engineered with high-quality welded steel to ensure durability and a reliable storage system that is truly built to last.

High-Density Mobile Systems

Specifically useful for high-density storage, Spacesaver Corporation's 4-post and case-type shelving units are designed to be mounted onto the company's unique carriage system. The High-Density Mobile Systems maximize storage for buildings with limited space availability, eliminating the need for aisles between shelving units. They also prevent overcrowded work areas which can decrease productivity by interrupting workflow, potentially leading to unsafe working conditions.

Imagine being able to easily access all stored items in a retractable shelving system that can quickly be pushed back into a compact layout to give you all the space you need to work. That's beauty!

Temperature Controlled Solutions

Maintaining a temperature-controlled environment is crucial for process success and product safety in manufacturing operations. Spacesaver offers solutions that optimize cold storage facilities by eliminating wasted space, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Whether constructing new spaces or renovating existing ones, Spacesaver recognizes that expanding square footage is not the only solution to enhance usable space capacity.

Heavy-Duty Mobile Racking

Designed for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, frozen storage, and cold storage sites, heavy-duty mobile racking provides an efficient storage solution for substantial items. The ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System by Spacesaver transforms static pallet racking or shelving into a mobile setup, eliminating unused aisles. Operating on rails, these mobile carriages boast a load capacity ranging from 3,000 to 30,000 lbs and are equipped with various safety and security features.

A Global Storage Leader

With a 300,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Fort Atkinson, Spacesaver Corporation has installed over 400,000 storage projects in countries around the world. The company employs nearly 400 team members in its administrative and manufacturing departments. Spacesaver Corporation is dedicated to providing storage solutions that improve safety, efficiency, productivity, and security.

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