Public Safety Storage Solutions: Get Custom Gun Lockers & Weapon Racks

Mar 29, 2024

Spacesaver Corporation (800-255-8170) offers specialized public service storage products designed to maximize security, safety, and efficiency for any public service facility.

As the needs and expectations of the public service sector change, continuing to meet public safety requirements, including the proper storage of sensitive materials, is a challenge. Spacesaver Corporation specializes in designing custom high-density storage units and offers a range of unique features that optimize public safety, security, and productivity.

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Spacesaver Gets It

Spacesaver Corporation's public safety product line includes evidence lockers and storage for police departments, gun lockers, weapon racks, and more.

The company's powered high-density mobile storage systems can be utilized in public service buildings to ensure potentially dangerous equipment can be stored away from populated work areas and easily accessed only by qualified professionals when needed. You can even opt for Spacesaver's proprietary hands-free operating system, so workers can seamlessly open and close storage units while carrying heavy or hazardous items.

Spacesaver Case Study

Spacesaver Corporation gives police, fire, and other civil resource facilities an opportunity to maximize storage efficiency, especially when space is limited. As an example, the company worked with Salt Lake City's public safety building, which serves as a one-stop shop for all resident municipal needs. Spacesaver Corporation designed high-density mobile storage units for this unique building that maximized efficiency and ensured safety for both government workers and visiting residents.

Safety Is Priority

Proper storage solutions for police officer weapons, supplies, evidence, and equipment is a major safety challenge in most facilities. Particularly when it comes to evidence, proof of proper handling and storage is imperative.

Spacesaver Corporation understands the multiple and necessary steps for handling, storing, and auditing evidence. You can work with the company to get temporary evidence storage lockers to be used directly after collection, as well as long-term storage to maintain the safety and security of sensitive materials at your facility.

Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers

Integrated into a wall dividing the evidence drop-off area from the long-term property and evidence room, Spacesaver’s evidence storage and pass-through lockers facilitate the seamless deposition and retrieval of evidence. Deposits occur on the drop-off side while the evidence technician retrieves items from the receiving side.

ControLoc Technology®

In many cases, police departments use padlocked lockers or simply labeled ones for pass-back evidence, lacking ideal security and tracking. ControLoc®, a digital locking system, offers a solution. Officers access lockers with personalized PIN codes or card scans, ensuring secure and traceable evidence handling, even for pass-back items

Gear Lockers

Gear and supplies stand as critical components for achieving success, regardless of the specific mission or job title. Whether one holds the position of Police Chief, Sergeant, or Quartermaster, Spacesaver acknowledges the uniqueness of individual needs. The company's customizable gear lockers are specifically designed to securely store supplies and bulky gear, providing tailored solutions to address the distinct storage challenges of each individual

Weapons & Gear Storage

Spacesaver's weapons storage systems guarantee the accessibility, security, and readiness of a diverse range of weapons, from pistols to long guns and accompanying gear. With designs aimed at supporting users like the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, these reliable solutions can be customized to precisely meet their users' unique requirements.

About Spacesaver Corporation

Along with its public safety products, Spacesaver Corporation offers a wide range of storage solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, athletics, education, and military sectors, all manufactured in the USA. Founded in 1972, the company has honed its unique and versatile storage designs, offering fully customizable options to help organizations improve workflows through optimized storage capability. Spacesaver Corporation upholds environmental sustainability standards by creating storage solutions that can be reconfigured, reused, relocated, and contain an average of 75% recycled steel.

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